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Another love of my life

The week in perspective

So I promised myself that I would blog at least once a week. Last week, my internet connection gave up on me, and I was forced to compose and post from my phone, and I must say the experience of blogging on the phone wasn’t half as good as Facebook Mobile. Since I have the time and the connection to post this, I’m gonna make the most of it.
If you don’t already know, I’ve spent this week pi**ed at the Admin Guys in my office. They’ve ruined and re-ruined my ancient desktop one too many times this week. But that isn’t part of this post. It’s just an afterthought.

I’ve spent most of this week figuring out how I’m gonna make time to make it to Bryan Adams in concert in February. Considering that my worklife doesn’t allow for a rockstar obsession on the side, I’m trying to reconsider my options and consider attending the concert in some other city. After all, Bryan Adams is worth flying to any city for. And this won’t be the first time I’m flying across the country to attend his concert either – back in high school I flew to a certain re-named south Indian city famous for IT parks to catch Adams playing at the concert. And I’d do almost anything to go watch him in concert again. More on that later.

I recently got a new haircut. Again. I mean it’s just a shorter version of the look I already had; but the eyeballs its been getting me all week makes me think I should get a haircut every few months just for all attention. Maybe I will do that…

I watched “Phas Gaya Re Obama”, a rather hilarious Bollywood movie themed on the recession. It follows a perfect junk bond story – a fellow finds an asset, realises its useless, and sells it to someone else; who then makes the same mistake and passes it on to someone else. The cycle continues till the last guy realises that he’s got noone to sell it to… so he drops it on the market, gets as much as he can for it. While the story itself was a rather smart one, what stood out was the stellar performances by Rajat Kapoor, and the entire supporting cast. With a shoestring budget, a finely spun story and a brilliant set of characters, the director makes sure that you wont be bored for a minute, and will spend at least a few minutes after the credits roll patting yourself on the back for a smart choice of a movie. Well done mate… Well done!

I also caught a song from “7 Khoon Maaf”. It’s called “Daarling” and is heavily inspired by a Russian song. But listening to Usha Uthup singing after so many years was fun, and she was brilliant throughout the song. It’s true that she dint need to do much – the song itself was very well composed; but the feel her voice brings to the song is a light and breezy one. I bet you’ll be swinging to the beat as you hear it on your phone. Hope the rest of the album is as good.

If you’ve been isolated from the media this week (and yet you’re reading this), you missed a few things this week – the Cabinet reshuffle, the release of “Dhobi Ghat”, the surprisingly springy numbers posted by TCS, the rise in petrol prices, the not-so-great numbers by Infosys, the handing over of the reins at Google to Larry Page, the bad numbers posted by Wipro and last, but not the least, a break in the upward trend of Onion Prices (I’ve seen so many onion and petrol jokes and status messages that they’d give Rajnikant a run for his money).

And I end this post with a thought for the week to come: Its true that one can only realise the true value of something after losing it. What’s the point in understanding the value of something you’ve lost…? So I’m trying the best as I can to hang on to some things – they’re not necessarily stuff I need; they’re stuff I just can’t do without.


Of Movies, Music, and Many events in a whole year

In what I think shall be my final post before Xmas, I will attempt to review some movies, and some albums that I’ve come across.

Movie Review: Band Baaja Baaraat. I’ve already reviewed the music for this movie, and as I had previously said, a lot depended on how the songs would be shot. And I have to say, despite having read roaring reviews and going into the movie with very high expectations, I wasn’t disappointed. The plot isn’t all too novel – Boy meets Girl, girl rejects boy, boy befriends girl, girl falls for boy, boy screws girl over, girl throws fit, boy falls for girl, and movie ends. What stands out is the screenplay, and the stellar performances from the lead roles. Ranvir Singh, for all his Ranbir Kapoor-isque looks and style, delivers a performance that was completely enjoyable. Anushka makes a mark, and reminds us that we must watch out for her.
My verdict: Break Pakode ki kasam, ek baar dekhna toh banta hai ji…

Movie Review: Red. I admit I onli picked this one up for Bruce Willis, but 30 mins into the movie I completely regretted it. Willis is good in Die Hard, and that’s probably where his skills and my patience end.
My verdict: Stay away. Even if you are a Die Hard Willis fan.

Movie Review: Social Network. Definitely one of the better movies of this year. I dont for one second imagine that everything is true to the T, but the attempt to make a movie out of a drawn out legal battle, and with excerpts from a book is one that others may definitely think of emulating (I’m thinking on the lines of the making of Google or Microsoft). Jesse Eisenberg’s spot-on disconnected performance does the job of portraying Zuckerberg as the geek that he is.
My verdict: A definite watch. With the pace just right, and the script just perfect that you dont get lost in it, it’s worth a DVD rip.

Movie Review: Endhiran (Robot): Yes, I finally decided to catch Rajni’s latest outing, albeit on the laptop, and with english subtitles. And if THIS is what the world heralds as Rajni’s most magnificent, I’m glad I dint catch some of his other movies. The plot was predictable, the performances lack lustre, and the only thing that I could see effort on was the FX. I thought I may catch some of the style that is Rajnikant, but instead was treated to skimpy sticks dancing in front of a blue screen.
My verdict: (you know this one before I write it) Mind It!

Music Review: No One Killed Jessica: One of the most expected movies of 2011, its music definitely does not disappoint. Amit Trivedi (of Dev D and Aisha fame) brings back the charm that won him the National Award. Trivedi does full justice with numbers like “Dilli” and “Aitbaar”, where the rock feel enhances the sinister feel of the song. Soft and haunting “Yeh Pal”, brings out Shilpa Rao’s mesmerising vocals, and adds a much needed soft touch to the album. With a melee of very talented singers including Tochi Raina (shining in “Dilli”), Vishal Dadlani (but of course) and Aditi Singh Sharma (she sang “Zindagi” in Dev D), the album, with a very heavy rock feel, makes you sit up and listen to the music, and to the words.
My verdict: One of the best albums of this year. My fav tracks – Dilli and Yeh Pal.

And now for some Miscellaneous events.
Sam’s blog amarllyis turns 2 very soon, and her wonderful concept of a blogoversary is worth following. A letter a day till the blog’s birthday… definitely a thumbs up.

The coming year is expected to be filled with weddings that I want to make it to, and that I’m not sure HOW I’m going to make it to. Many weddings, loads of fun and lot of ppl to meet… definitely a thums up.

And I end my boring dissertation here.
Merry Xmas!

Teaser Music Review – Tees Maar Khan

I’ve had very little time to completely review the album (holiday and travel have kept me busy). As a precursor to a fully fledged post (hopefully), I’m posting this teaser.
My first thoughts on the album – Experimental and Depending heavily on the screenplay. I never thought the day would come when I would doubt Vishal and Shekhar, but this album raises doubts about the ability to compose music while being actively involved in reality shows (then again, they did compose Anjaana Anjaani and Break ke Baad).
The artists range from Reality show participants to Reality show hosts (Sonu Nigam). Some songs appear (note: appear) to have a semblance of musical sweetness in them, but it’ll take more than a listen or 2 on my phone to reach that conclusion.

My take. Hold off buying this album. But dont write off Vishal and Shekhar yet.

Music Review – Band Baaja Baarat

Band Baaja Baarat releases right around the time that weddings are expected to spike, and I’m more than sure that at least one or two of these songs are expected to make a presence at weddings.
The movie seems to be based in Delhi (at least that’s what I can make from the songs) and the tunes are catchy… more than 1 are hummable and tunes that you would keep on your phone for a while. I’ll do a track by track review this time, since I have some time on hand.

The opening track is a typical Salim Merchant outing. It begins with a good guitar riff along with a Punjabi instrument, and continues with wordings that Dilli walle will connect very well with. Phrases like “Chichore”, “Ainvayi”, “Dole Shole”, “Harkat down market” and “Romeo bina Permit” are littered all over the song, giving it a traditional yet modern feel. Sunidhi Chauhan leaves her charm all over the song. A foot tapping number this.

Tarkeebein reminds me of that “Gadbadi” from Rocket Singh, so much so that even the beats sound the same, and this one too relies a lot on its offbeat lyrics. Been a while since I heard Benny Dayal, and he sure doesn’t disappoint. A soft rock feel, this probably would look better on screen with the actors probably running around in fast forward motion trying to fix the wedding. (The theatrical trailer using it as a kinda of promo song is disappointing… It wud do much much better in the movie)

Aadha Ishq showcases Shreya Ghoshal in a soft-yet-not-mushy number. The soft guitar in the background makes it a good lovey dovey number. Reminds me of a tune that I can’t quite place, but the familiar feeling keeps the song on repeat on my phone.

Dum Dum seems to be a new genre of songs where the protagonists discover that love is catastrophic. It doesn’t have the normal sadness in the beat, and its not a soft number either… sounds more like a “so what if you left me, I’m still gonna survive, so screw you” kinda number. It’s a surprise to hear Himani Kapoor (from the music show “Sa Re Ga Ma”) on this track, and I must say that the wait was completely worth it. Some parts of the tune remind me of “Tashan”, but its a small price to pay for a good sad song.

Mitra is the dark horse on this album. With a soft rock feel to it, and Amitabh’s (who is also the lyricist) unusual voice, it’s the song of longing that this album had been lacking (EVERY Bollywood album has a dance number, a love number, a sad number; it isn’t that hard to know that this album would get to that too). The song kinda grows on you. Hope it grows on the crowds as well.

And saving the best for the last, the icing on the cake is definitely Baari Barsi. As I understand, its a folk song sung at weddings that the singer alters based on the people and the situation. The lyricist of this album has definitely done a good job on this one, and Harshdeep Kaur’s vocals take the song to an all new level. Labh Janjua gives it the traditional touch, and Salim lends it a more modern feel, and Harshdeep belts a downright amazing rendition. A sureshot hit at the weddings this season. I dare you to NOT smile and groove in the train/metro as you hear this one.

The remaining songs on the album lose to Baari Barsi, purely because of bad positioning on the album. The theme, performed by Salim, leaves a lot to be desired and its probably good that its short. Ainvayi’s club mix is just that – a club mix, with loud beats that dont add any value to the song. To be avoided even you’re a die hard fan of club mixes. Dum Dum Sufi Mix ropes in Sukhwinder with Himani, and reminds you even more of Dil Haara, onli with club beats. I waitied till the end to see if it got an better; it dint. Wonder if Sukhwinder would’ve been a better choice for the original and this unnecessary remix could’ve been done away with.

My verdict. The hero makes an uncanny attempt to look like Ranbir Kapoor. YOU DONT JUST DO THAT YOU IDIOT!!! YOU HAVE TO BE BORN RANBIR. Oh wait. He is. Almost. He’s called Ranveer. Desperate look alikes have a place on the TV – in comedy shows. ūüėõ

Back to the album. It’s in line with the recent string of albums that somehow want to inject rock into them, and this one doesn’t do all that bad a job with Mitra and Tarkeebein. But Baari Barsi hogs the attention, what with its snappy lyrics and catchy beat and awesome vocals. Grab the album if only for this number.

Movies, Music and Mata ke Manmohak Rang…

Okay so it isn’t much as about me SEEING the movie as it has been about hearing about it. Rajnikanth’s Robot a.k.a Endhiran released recently. While the Bollywood community has been raving about the awesome effects and the sky high budget, large (very large) portions of South India saw empty offices with early birds (as early as 4 am birds) waking up to catch the Rajni show at a local spot. The Rajni mania is South India is so much that a temple is built in his honour and many many streets and local spots are named after him. A friend of mine made it a point to watch the movie TWICE in the same theatre; then again he’s seen the previous movies gazillion times, so he’s probably used to it. The appeal of a 60 year old romancing a 30-something on-screen will never strike me… but it grossed almost 120 Cr in a week, and that’s the size of some mid-sized companies, so I’ll take it that its just me that’s not seeing the Rajni craze. If what I hear (and see on status messages) about Rajni is true, the world will be divided into¬†2 – those who Rajni¬†spares (since Rajni doesn’t spare many) and Rajni himself… and I dont see myself being spared for this post.

The other day I was listening to the Radio on my way to work, and a certain FM station was having a “Play Your Music Day” with Mohit Chauhan. While I most certainly enjoy Chauhan, I have, as earlier mentioned, been cautious about him being used by so many music directors and am afraid that he may lose his charm. The radio show was most captivating, and his unplugged renditions of some of his most well-known works was very very endearing. Silk Route, his band, was also present on the show, and the band lent a very rustic feel to the music, making it so much more special on the ears. I was having a particularly crappy day/week/month and those 2 hours of pure, superb music soothed my nerves. (Sigh) If all problems in life could be sung away…

In other movies, I caught up on a few other movies.
How to Train your Dragon” is a MUST-WATCH for them 3D fans; and even if you don’t enjoy 3D, it’s a treat. Butler as the towering Viking and Jay Baruchel (of “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” fame) are brilliant voice-overs… perhaps we’ll see more of Baruchel.
Russel Crowe’s portrayal of bandit Robin Hood in the movie of the same name wasn’t as endearing as the previous version of the movie… but then again it dealt more with the origins of Robin Hood than his activities. An average watch, credit goes to Crowe for bringing to life a script that very few others could have portrayed.
Recently released (at least online) “Jonah Hex” disappoints. An average story, average actors, even an average screenplay. So much more could have been done with the talk-to-the-dead angle (think Rajnikanth now ppl…)
The Ugly Truth” starring Gerard Butler and Katherine Heigl (from “Grey’s Anatomy“) plays out to the average American audience, who likes a laugh and a cute girl (and a hot guy). A run-of-the-mill RomCom, watch it only if you’re a fan, of both the genre and the people.

In other music, almost EVERYTHING disappointed. New Bollywood music releases “Golmaal 3“, “Action Replay” and “Crook“, all Pritam creations lead me to believe that the “Dhoom” and “Gangster” guy has lost his touch (as my FB status message indicated too); the saving grace was Nikhil D’ Souza in “Mere Bina” from Crook (I’m still in the process of figuring out if this is the same Nikhil D’Souza from the Rock show…). “Knockout” was TKOd, with only Vishal Dadlani’s rendition of the title track lending some weight to the album.

Moving on to Mata ke Manmohak Rang. For those who are unaware, Navratri is underway in India. It is a festival involving, essentially, celebrating the various avatars of a deity. In Gujarat, it is accompanied with dandiya (dance with sticks, remember American Desi..?), and large parts of Kolkata shut down in for Durga Puja. In Mumbai, we see both of them, accompanied with a city-wide colour co-ordination among women (this one’s new to me too!). The origins of this custom to appease the deity are unknown, but women all across Mumbai swear by it, and actually look forward to it. As a result of this city-wide colour code, women all around the city look like they’re part of some promotional campaign. Today was Red, and, but for the bad quality of my fone’s camera, I would have posted an image of what looked like a bus full of women wearing what looked like school-uniforms dyed a very dangerous colour. I watched in wonder, and waited for the day when the colour for the day would be yellow, and a woman pairing it with formal attire (black pants) would look like a walking taxi… ūüėČ

Of CommonWealth and other not-so-common stuffs

It’s Day 3 of the CWG here in India, and I’m thrilled at the fact that the Indian contingent has done amazingly well. The contingent WRESTLED, SHOT and LIFTED their opponents outta the way, and have brought home 6 Golds, 6 Silvers and 2 Bronzes. Kudos to all the sportspersons who have performed exceedingly well, despite the rather negative cloud that was surrounding this event. For those who haven’t already heard, the event was completely surrounded by bad luck from the word go. When charges of corruption were just being refuted, bridges and ceilings collapsed, and people looked around frantically for the splendour that should have been an integral part of this event. Thankfully, the opening ceremony went off quite well, and India’s run in this event has been quite successful too. So here’s to the hope that we do much better in the days to come, and keep or improve our Second spot on the leaderboard.

About a week ago, the Ayodhya verdict came out. For those who are unaware, this is a highly sensitive title suit, for claimants are laying claim on a piece of land that one party claims to the birthplace of Hindu God Ram, and another party says is the spot where a Mosque once stood and was brutally demolished. So tense was the situation that many major business entities in the country allowed employees to leave home early, in a bid to escape from any violence that could arise from an unfavourable verdict. In a rather expected judgement, the State High Court asked the claimants to share the land among themselves, and do what they deemed fit with it. While one party was left with 2/3 of the land, another had to settle with the remaining. Needless to say, both parties are filing petitions with the Supreme Court with claim to the entire land. In a country like India where the judicial system is already backlogged with many many cases, this one is going to hog the limelight for all the wrong reasons. (Sigh) Yeh to India hai. (This is India)

US President Barack Obama recently decided to schedule a visit to Mumbai, no doubt in the hopes of buying us out with a UN seat (we’ll take that, thank you…). While we are more than happy that he is taking this step to give India this much deserved seat in the UNSC, I wonder why it’s being hyped as much. After all, he isn’t the first US President to visit us, nor is his agenda too stark. What may have changed since Clinton and Bush last visited the Indian soils is how the world has perceived India, and how India has projected itself. From being just another trade partner, we’ve become quite critical to the American economy. From just an outsourcing¬†hub, we’ve transformed into a key element in the businees chain, and THAT is what has changed their attitude towards us. But, for some strange reason, we haven’t been able to leverage anything from the Indo-US relationship (other than the nuclear pact). Let’s hope that when he arrives around Diwali, we’re in a better stage to strike a deal, and in better spirits to enjoy them.

Only last week my favouritest (I know that isn’t a word) actor Ranbir Kapoor starred in a rather lack-lustre movie. A million reviews have been written and I will not repeat the fact that the movie was not at all inspiring. I loved the fellow from his first movie Saawariya (an adaption of an Arabian Nights story)¬†to his last release Rajneeti (a take on the mythological epic Mahabharat). While his innocent looks and impish smile are a definite reason for me to fall flat, his acting skills are far more responsible for me respecting him as an actor. While I am quite confused on why he would agree to such a uninspiring project, I (and a certain friend) certainly lay blame on the director for not using this fellow much better. (Sigh) If only I could direct him…

I had a chance to listen to Rahman’s latest Bollywood album Jhootha Hi Sahi, and boy was I disappointed. Seems like Rahman has been too busy with his Jai Ho tour and other committments that he wasn’t able to devote much time to his stable professional committments. I dont blame him… he is a musical genius and overworking a genius is never a good idea (case in point: me). But I wonder if Rahman were better off NOT releasing such albums (his previous releases include other not-so-inspiring soundtracks for¬†Blue and¬†Raavan) and would take the Aamir Khan funda of one album a year. (Sigh) Even good music is being watered down by this evil world…

Elsewhere, I was busy getting mowed by an SUV. Note that the idiot was taking a blind turn at a speed I reckon was at least 50. Yet he claims it couldn’t have been more than 50.¬†He was mighty lucky I dint get injured or he’d have had more than a black eye to deal with. And luckier still that his girlfriend kept me from doing any more damage. On the bright side, he now has a shiny black eye to match his shiny black SUV. (pats self on back)

10 songs I was busy listening to this week

I spent a large part of the last week listening to a lot of music, courtesy my 3 hour journey time in Mumbai’s local trains. While some of it was stuff that I had heard for a long time and was pre-loaded on my phone, there were some new additions courtesy the radio. I spent a lot of time talking to my friends and posting status updates on em, so a friend suggested I may as well blog about em. So here’s a list of 10 songs that I got addicted to last week, and that a lot of my friends agree are definitely worth a hear. They’re in no particular order, other than that in which I chose to write them ūüėČ

1. Hairat – Anjaana Anjaani OST
Vishal-Shekhar have racked up a home run on this album, and Lucky Ali’s rockstar vocals in this song are proof of that. The duo to justice to rock, keeping the music laced with heavy guitaring and drums, and take us back to when we were head-banging. And Lucky Ali rises to the occasion quite superbly. Dare you to NOT air-guitar or air-drum while u listen to this one…

2. Gal Mitthi Mitthi – Aisha OST
Normally, I dont like Punjabi music. But I’ll make an exception when Tochi Raina belts out this superbly peppy number. Awesome beats, a controlled voice, and foot-tapping rhythm. Its impossible not to react to the beats in this song, even when you’re quite uncomfortably seated in the fourth seat. For those who dint know, this album has been composed by the same guy who composed for the score of Dev D. So, rest assured, the music shall not disappoint you.

3. Aas Paas Khuda (Unplugged) – Anjaana Anjaani OST
Its unusual nowadays to release an album without a song by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan or Mohit Chauhan. Its simply because these 2 guys havent disappointed us yet, and now’s no time to start. Rahat shines in this song, the unplugged version of this song brings out his vocal brilliance even more. Shruti Pathak doesnt disappoint either… she keeps pace with the musical wonder that Rahat is. Kudos to Vishal and Shekhar for this one.

4. Anjaana Anjaani – Anjaana Anjaani OST
Yeah yeah… by now you’re thinking I’m way too hung up on this album. You’re right!! And this song is truly mt favourite on this album – for its sheer simplicity. For those who dint know, Vishal and Shekhar composed TWO title tracks for this album, and this is the one that hasn’t been publicised yet. Cant think of y not… Vishal moves away from his rockstar image and mesmerises us with his soft vocals. Shipla Rao makes an appearance in this song as well; and she does not disappoint us at all.

5. Suno Aisha – Aisha OST
The other song on that album that I’ve been completely bowled over by. Good beats, great rendering and, since I havent seen the movie, one that makes u wonder how it would look on the screen. It’s not particularly a brilliant song… but it’ll keep u entertained for sure.

6. Pehla Nasha – Jo Jeeta Woh Sikander OST
This one’s courtesy Radio City’s “Mumbai ka ultimate gaana” contest. Everyone I know has fallen in love with this song from the first time they heard it. I did too. For those that are looking for a slight twist to the original, look our for Bally Sagoo’s remix, spiced with some English lyrics and some more beats.

7. Hey Ya (unplugged)
This one’s from the Soundtrack of the TV series Scrubs. Televised when the Janitor was getting married, this song is an acoustic rendition of a hip-hop song. What I like most about this song is the fact that, while it sounded really good in the hip-hop version, the acoustic rendition brings a soulful feel to the song. Makes you think fondly about a certain somebody…

8. Weary Kind – Crazy Heart OST
This is one of em Oscar nominated movies that I watched a long time ago. And this song never left my mind ever since. A wonderful song, with very meaningful lyrics. For those who enjoy the guitar, this song’s quite a treat. And for those who dont, listen to the vocals and find some solace in some poor drunk guy’s repentance.

9. Bin Tere (Reprise) – I Hate Luv Storys
Another Vishal-Shekar dole-out. Apparently Shekhar was a music show reject, and I thank them guys for letting him take up composing music as a career. Not that he doesnt sing well…his voice has a raw yet trained feel to it that I havent heard in a very long time. And this song brings out the emotion that the plugged version dont. I wonder if I shud dig up more of these guys albums to look for some more surprises..

10. Des Mera (rock version)- Peepli Live
Indian Ocean renders a SUPERB one here. This album comes with two versions of the song and, while the other one has a rather rustic feel to it, the rock version makes u remember why Indian Ocean are such a brilliant band. They retain a lot of the instruments from the other version, but bring in Susmit on his guitar, and you have a track that’ll stay on ur mind longer than its playtime.
You’ll notice this list has a lot of Hindi songs on it… Apologies to my dear friends who were looking for some good rock. I’ll hopefully make it up to u next time. Or maybe next time it’ll be TV series. Or movies. hmm.

More till then.

Post Exam Post Mortem

Yea thts wat I like to call it… Post Mortem…!!!
I did this last year as well on my MSN blog… tho this time I will delve into more details than I did last year. For those who dint get arnd to seeing it, I plan to analyse every exam and subject and professor and reach a verdict on the Sem.

Starting wid HRM. At the start of the sem I thot this was the onli subject where we could expect some clarity wid Nitin actually starting off well. But then we ended up wid a lot of time wasted on unwanted stuff, lot of lec time spent in the corridors luking for a class. And the project we worked on… no comments on how tht was executed and the debacle wid tht altogether. And the paper..!!! OMG!!! I expected length, but definitely I dint expect the university to test us on stamina more than skill. Skill in selecting the questions was more thn required, with vague questions like short notes on whole chapters, but the stamina to write even a portion of wat we knw totally put me off track midway. My verdict : Average. And I must mention tht Nitin dint even bother wid helping us out wid imp questions (tho the pattern was more a non-important question pattern)

Next is SSM. An outright disaster frm the start to the end. Wid no guidance frm the beg to the end… Kripa was our lifeline at the end of the sem. Venky onli helped wid our presentations, which were again no clue on how the theory was. And an abysmally set paper with no set questions… I was irritated at the end of the day. And I was up all nite studing for tht dumb paper and ppl who had spent onli a few hrs on it fared just as well as I did..!!! My verdict : ABYSMAL!!! not even worth more space here

Next is Logistics. Personally, I found the teaching style of both our teachers very amateurish… as tho we were 5th grade kids giving exams for the first time. Nonetheless, I will have to say our syllabus was over hyped, with ppl getting tensd jsut for the heck of it. But I luvd the part of the sem wen ppl were scrambling for classes for the numericals..n onli one very dumb numerical appeared in the paper. But the non predictable questions were not much of a shock after the 1st 2 papers… so yea my verdict will be : Above Average.

FM. Mebe its just my paranoia wid a/c and all related subjects, but I started the year wid an apprehension abt this sub. True, it wasnt as hard as I had expected it to get, since I had my own little tricks to help me out of situations. But, honestly, we spend 4 months in the sem doin practice problems, and onli one month wid the theory. And we get onli 20 marks options worth of problems!!! True, even the theory and concepts were superbly atrangi… but Sapna’s style of teaching has made me ready to cope wid all atrangi situations.. ;). Nandu… I seriously feel cannot handle BMS, since we are to energetic and non rule bound for his taste. But a nice experience overall… esp wen u see the empty train at 5 48.. :D. My verdict : Average but could hv been muccch better.

Co operatives. The icing on the cake this sem. It startd off as a big flop, wid him nt getting students to attend and tht unintentional mass bunk. And then the lecs getting canned and the piling tension.. we decided to let him take a break and left for own planet. But I hv to admit if ne paper can be described as AWESOME it was this one. Every concept familiar, every question familiar… it was truly the most amazzzing paper in this exam. My verdict : SUPERB!! even after a slow start.

RM. Another cakewalk. And every1 will admit Ramki was quite an entertainer himself. I enjoyd his lecs… and also his paper. Quite straightforward, and manageable. Tho the case study… neva mind. My verdict : GREAT.

For now theres not much more to life than the 100 mark project, which is due on the 11th, NMAT on 10th and XAT in Jan. So, in my nx blog I will def be writing abt sum of tht as well. For now… tk care n write ur exams well ppl.
Last noters – Sumeet dnt drown in Goa, Raj dont die wid tht skydive u plan during Christmas and Tammy… whr r u????
And I luv the music from Salaam-E-Ishq.. frm the title track to every other track!!!Great work Shankar Ehsaan Loy!!!

Ciao till after my exams.