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Saying Hello

In case you haven’t realised (with the new blog name and the updated “About me” page), I’ve decided to dedicate time to my blog thanks to the Blogging101 course.

The course is not designed to make me a kick-ass blogger overnight. Or even over a month. It needs us fellow students to commit to the basic principles of maintaining a blog (or for that matter even your facebook profile) – the idea that the blog is essential a way for you to express your ideas and connect with people. Repeat – connect with people.

As part of our assignment to reach out to fellow bloggers and follow topics of interest, I actually realised (or re-realised) topics that I’ve always been passionate about – humour, books and music. I realised that almost every blog that I liked or followed had one among these 3 themes very strongly (or at least that their authors appeared to be passionate about one of these 3 themes).

So here I present a blogroll of the recent blogs I’ve just started following:

  • Anand’s Caricatures and Parodies: A fellow blogger101er, Anand has a quirky sense of humour and (I think) a stready hand.
  • Words that aren’t: The Grammar Nazi in me is always lurking around, editing incorrectly worded emails and papers. A blog like this kind of puts me in my place.
  • The Blurred Line: I stumbled upon this one reading up a sugar-free challenge (quiche vs cup cake – I actually would choose the quiche) and realised that this advertiser wrote in a style of humour that I liked. furrynuff said.
  • Girl on the Contrary: I LOVED the style on her site (the theme, the colours, everything!) and was delighted to see that her content was even better. “Here is a Thought on a Friday” – pure genius.
  • Scottish Bookwork in Quebec: Following a book series led me to this blog (actually more than one series led me to this blog; so we have common reading tastes for sure). I’ll look to more reading ideas from this Scot for sure.

These bloggers (and many more on The Commons) give me more inspiration to put pen to paper and write more. And preferably about topics I’m passionate about – so other people will be able to connect with my blog as much I do with these blogs.