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MBA Calling

Finally, I have news to report on the MBA front. I got thru to the PG program at IMT Ghaziabad, which is roughly an hour frm Delhi.

For one, this means that I finally have my chance to spend 2 years away from home. Secondly, and more importantly, it’s another step on that education ladder that i thought i wudnt have to climb for a while. It seems like an experience to look forward to, considering that every1 has been congratulating me. That and the fact that its my first time away from home for an extended period.

Which means that its a comma on the era in my life that was Bombay. I get that its been pretty mundane, considering that I dint party too often, get into too much trouble, and sure as hell dint have a life to die for. But this city is still wat I will always call home, wat I will always come back to – even if it is the crowded local trains and the run-of-the-mill stalls that I will hang on to, they are part and parcel of this city that I will always have in my blood.
Enough of Bombay now…I wonder how I even got on to tht track. Must have been tht book that I was last reading titled (dont be surprised) Bombay – Lost and Found (authored by Suketu Mehta). A very interesting outlook to a city that I thot i always knew; a dimension that I knew always existed but that I could never really pin down. For now, Im reading Nora Roberts, since the insanely long train journey could do with a dose of literature. And also Freakonomics, cuz thats a book with concepts that im very open to exploring. As for music, Im growing into different genres of rock… since they sound amazingly gr8 on the guitar that im falling back on to easen out my life.

Chao for now


Post Prelim ventures

Yea well… Like I said, Ive been thru a lot thru the prelims and 2 in the morning is a really odd time to blog; but its kinda the onli thing i can really get myself to do nw. Raj.. thanx a bunch for actually getting me to sit down n write this… but i hv to admit I picked a topic sum1 else suggested to me a while ago.

Of late I hate cats. All kinds of them – aimcats, simcats, mock cats and the one tht calls itself The CAT. And honestly its nt because Im allergic to their fur or nething… I just dnt like the way they get into ur life n invade it. N yeah…if u dint guess yet, Im referring to the exam tht calls itself the CAT and nt the cat tht is the cat.. (umm it is rht…??)

Trust me on this one; Ive studied for JEE for 2 years… and 4 weeks of CAT hv killed me more than those 2 grilling years. No, its not because Im going on a crash course pattern – I take my time on everything I do… but honestly who in their right minds would set a paper where u hv to be gud at everthing???I mean Math n Logic n English isnt enuf tht u need GDs n PIs where they grill the hell out of the already grilled u.

I have exactly 2 weeks to D-Day and my verdict is verry simple… I dont think tht nething I do will be enuf to bell this CAT unless I hv sum verrry good luck and very quick work on my side. They say this is an exam where u shud play to ur strengths… Well; Im still very hazy abt wat my strengths are and how I shud capitalise on them.

But one thing I do knw… If I dont Bell this CAT; Im gonna be one hell of a mouse for my Board Exams beg on the 27th. God knows tht I hv 6 very killing (ahem..FM and SSM can kill big time) papers in one very gruelling week onli 8 days after this intellectual adventure of mine. And I also knw tht if u r still reading… either u r really bored or u reallly luv the way I write… Or u r giving both those exams just as I am. 😉

So Im finally signing off… yeah 10 mins of blogging still takes sum energy and as u can see I hv ample avenues to siphon tht energy off into. So chao for nw… n ne luck tht u wish to send me (as I reallllly am gonna need it..) just needs to be left by as a comment..

Oh n If u wanna share ur own CATapulting experiences… u can leave it 0n the comments or just post the url of ur own blog.. .I knw it’ll b fun to read tht as well..

Ciao for now.