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Appendix 1 to the Summer Diaries – The TV Series

This is a post in itself on the various TV series that I’ve been keeping myself entertained with. At times, I’ve been forced to make do with old episodes, but I guess it’s the best I can do for now.


The onli true reason that I think I got hooked onto this show was because I had nothing else to do, and no other series to watch.

Season 1 was fairly interesting, with a large number of characters and enough scenarios to engulf them. Particularly cute characters include Boone, Sawyer and, of course, Jack (when he’s dressed in the Tux that is…). Other interesting characters include Charlie the rock star, Locke the wanderer, Sayid the interrogator, Kate the fugitive (a cute one at that…), Hurley the lottery winner, Jin and Su, the estranged Korean couple and Claire, the single mother-to-be. Not an exhaustive list I admit, but it covers the most important characters that you’d probably need to know. Season 1 was more about the characters really, and about finding out who they really are. It gives us a sense that the island where these characters crash is magical in some way – making sick people better, and unseen to the rest of the world.

The real series begins somewhere around Season 2, where some newer characters are revealed, and some plots fall into place. Season 3 carries on in the same vein, and somewhere around the end of Season 3 we are made to believe that the characters are indeed rescued off the unplottable island. Season 4 drags on a bit… with some more ulterior motives of the characters coming to the fore, and leaving us wondering if these people are indeed who they claim they are; although by now our characters have spent enough time on the island to spill themselves out to someone on the island.

Personally, I think Season 4 is a bit of a drag. Okay, it’s necessary to follow their time off the island and all, but the manner in which it’s done is what really bores me. Nonetheless, I’m watching it a lot slower now, not more than an episode or so a day.

Recommendation: A decent watch, especially if u r particularly bored during the nights.


Why I dint get around to watching more of this series I cannot comprehend.

Heroes is all about a set of people who, due to some genetic mutation, have some superpowers; it’s about how they use those superpowers to, wait for it…., save the world.

My favourite character is Sylar – a mutant who’s a killer at heart, but a smart one at that. He used to be a watch repairman, but grew on to become the most feared character in the series – a pawn that every major player in the game wants to lay his hands on. I also like Claire, more for her rigid stubbornness that her life has a reason. Cutest of the bunch, though, is Hiro Nakamura – a Japanese with a cute power and a very great idea that he is meant to save the world, EVERYTIME.

Season 1 was the most interesting Season and, as many reviews I have read online say, also the best in terms of viewership. We understand all about our mutants here, and a story slowly falls into place. Season 2, cut short by the writer’s break, brings a twist in the tale and lays the ground for a great start to Season 3. I’m still midway through the Season and I have reason to believe that it’s onli getting better.

Personally, I’d wish that I had more episodes of Heroes than I currently do, so that I could watch it more often.

Recommendation: A very good watch. Get your hands on as much of it as u can – it’s purely ADDICTIVE and completely easy to get hooked on to.

The Big Bang Theory

Now THIS is a TV Series that I wish were broadcast on Indian Television more so that I wouldn’t have to depend on downloads to watch it more often. And besides, the kind of viewership that it would garner would make it feasible and profitable. (Silent hint to Star World / Zee Cafe / AXN).

This series introduces us to the classic Beauty and the Geek scenario; with the beauty really dumb and the geek a real nerd. Meet Penny, the cute waitress at the Cheese Cake Factory, and her secret admirer Leonard a physicist at CalTech. More importantly, meet Sheldon, Lennard’s roomie, a child genius and physicist at CalTech; a true supporter of sarcasm. The series is made absolutely hilarious when seemingly normal events are turned outta proportion by our geniuses and their friends, Walowitz, a Jewish pervert and Kutrapali, an Indian with a particular problem with females.

The highlight of the series, without a doubt, is Sheldon Cooper, portrayed amazingly by Jim Parsons. He is the epitome of a genius – awkward in social situations, quirky, and generally frank to the point of hilarity. He sometimes ends up being the source for conflict, and sometimes u can’t help but laugh at the simplicity (for HIM) at which at he interprets a situation. He’s also very egoistic, as u would expect from a guy with an IQ of 187, which results in some really clear conflicts, like when he criticizes the work of all his friends when Dennis Kim, another child prodigy, overthrows his work; or when he can’t think of a way of having soup and Penny suggests,” U cud have soup delivered…?”. What really makes the show’s humour come out are the interactions between Sheldon and the rest of the group; especially since he’s so quirky and full of weird comments, the other characters, especially Penny, take time to understand the point.

Personally, it’s a really really hilarious show. Can’t wait for it to be on television at a better time. Till then, I’m keeping myself indulged with the 2 seasons that I currently have and waiting for more episodes.

Recommendation: An absolute MUST WATCH. I think it’s easily available online, so if ne1 really is interested, it’s time to get hooked onto this show.

How I Met Your Mother

Another Hilarious series that I wish were on TV at a more convenient time. It currently aires at an inconvenient time on Star World I think…

The show revolves around the main character Ted, and how he explains to his kids how he met their mother (it’s been 4 seasons and we STILL don’t know who the mother is, only that is isn’t Robin). It’s almost a FRIENDS like atmosphere, with his friends Marshall and Lily (who are married), Barney Stinson (we STILL don’t know what he does for a living), and Robin Scherbatsky (I hope I got the spelling right…). Ted is almost comical on his own, with his own quirky behaviours and all, and scenarios are created when the bunch of em roam the city of New York. He harbours a long time crush for Robin, and eventually they do go out for a while, only to end it on the day their best friends get married. Barney, as we discover, also has a secret crush on Robin, though he’s never been able to tell her yet. Lily, is a hilarious pre-school teacher, with her own cute quotes for life from school. Marshall, is a lawyer wanting to be an environmentalist and working with a well paying firm till he can afford to do that. Barney also is a creator of many theories and statutes, like the Bro Code, or the Crazy Eyes Theory, or the Lemon Theory. The show basically attempts to capture average New York lifestyles, with some not-so-average characters.

Personally, I like the show for its fresh feel and great execution by the cast. Most of us remember Lily from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and she’s done a good job on this show as well. All the other characters are relatively new, barring Barney that we’ve seen somewhere else (drop in a comment if u can’t remember where from…).

Recommendation: A MUST WATCH. It’ll be fun to make it a more regular TV series that people can grow to love. It’ll never rival FRIENDS, but I think it’s in that league for sure.

Other options

Some other decent options to watch include 3rd Rock from the Sun (I don’t think it’s telecast on TV nemore), which is about an alien family on Earth set in the 1980’s, but telecast somewhere around the late 90’s. I like the idea of Aliens on Earth, and I must admit that this show makes the interactions between aliens and humans seem even more hilarious than already possible.

Another decent option, as recommended by a few friends, is Wonder Years. It charts the course of Kevin Arnold over his lifetime – how he grows up, how his life moves and how his priorities in life change. It isn’t telecast on TV very often and I think DVDs for it are also missing in India.

Some people have suggested Entourage as well. I personally don’t understand the concept of tracking a movie star’s rise to fame and the lives of his friends as well. Just a concept I’m not too happy about…

I’ve been trying hard to get recent episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and Scrubs. They’re both series based on the medical world that I really love. As also House M.D. which is a sarcastic and medical adaptation of Sherlock Holmes. I’m also trying to lay my hands on episodes from Smallville, which I absolutely loved at the time that I used to be able to watch it. Maybe these shows will become possible when I’m back on campus and I have easier access to the internet.

Post back with ne more TV series that I may be able to watch and some comments on these as well.