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6 word story

This is what all the blogging101ers are upto. So obviously I have to keep up 😉

Check out the challenge here: https://bencnicholson.wordpress.com/2015/08/16/six-word-stories-fancy-a-challenge/

While many bloggers are crafting deep, thoughtful stories, what’s my 6 word story about loss you ask:

Then I chased down the airline

Chasing down the airline to hunt down lost baggage (and generally finding it after 2 days of hair-wrenching annoyance from the authorities), roaming around in a new city (sometimes even a new country) looking for clothes and utter essentials (including vegetarian food – not because that’s what was in the baggage; I always look for vegetarian food) and dealing with the confused looks of a concierge who says “Is that all you’re carrying Mam?”;

Loss has a very profound (and wallet-lightening) effect on me.


Why most people REALLY hate exercising

I’ve recently been trying to devote more time to the blog. And also to myself – staying fit, eating smarter, yada yada all those things the hippie kids do nowadays. So I’m blessed (more often that not) to overhear some ridiculous conversations at fitness areas – gyms, swimming pools, jogging tracks.

*overheard at the gym*
Guy 1: I have to leave early today, re. Independence Day par beti ka parade karaayenge aur tale hue samose khilaayenge. Aaj exercise ka kya faayda? (translation: They will will parade my daughter around (quite literally) on Independence Day (which ruined a statutory holiday by inconveniently presenting itself on a Saturday) and serve us fried samosas (that’s like potato dumplings. Or something. Google it.) So what’s the point in exercising today?)
Guy 2: Haan yaar. Waise yeh Monday aata toh kitna accha hota na…? (translation: Totally! Wouldn’t it be like even more awesome if this happened to Monday?)

I managed another 20 minutes before realising I was a. pi**ed at Guy 1’s non-patriotic approach and b. pi**ed at how right Guy 2 was and how darn depressed I was because of it. Shame. On. Them.

*overheard at the swimming pool*
Lady 1 (on the sidelines, lounging): Did you hear about Gupta Ji’s daughter Anita? She nearly drowned at this pool last weekend. Hum toh apni beti ko yahaan nahi laayenge… (translation: I will not bring my daughter here. (Actually her intonation and hand-waving was so authentically Punjabi I cannot use words to describe them. I’ll let you use your imagination))
Lady 2 (also on the sidelines, lounging): Kaise hua? Yahan coaches nahin hote kya? (translation: How did that happen? Don’t they have coaches here? (having someone confuses lifeguards with swimming trainers is totally believable. Innit?))
Lady 1 (now slightly agitated and pointing at the pool): Arre woh safety wire mein atak gaye na uska pair…  kahan tairti bechaari… (translation: Her feet got caught in the safety wire; where was she supposed to swim after that (it wasn’t a wire; the guys running the pool aren’t that dumb. It was the safety rope)

I obviously guffawed immediately and coughed up a lungful of chlorinated water.

*overheard at the jogging track*
Guy 1: So I read on the internet that it’s recommended to change your running shoes every 6 months or so (FYI it could be much shorter if you’re a heavy runner and a little longer if you just dabble in running like I do)
Guy 2: Really? That would make running really expensive. These Nikes don’t come cheap you know (in India it is not uncommon to regularly reference brand names in meaningless conversations. Some people think its stylish. FYI Guy 2’s shoes read “Nikke” and Guy 1’s read Action. Mine were Reebok (see how I snuck that in…?). Not one of them a Nike. I’m just saying.)
Guy 3: Toh isme kya hai. Buy 2 shoes. 6 mahine ek joota use karo and phir use 6 mahine andar rakhwaado – doosra joota hai na. (translation: So what’s there in this (I can’t find an exactly English transliteration of this phrase. Google – you need to step up yo…). Buy 2 shoes – use one for 6 months and then keep it inside – you have the other shoe right. 

Thank god I wasn’t on a treadmill when this conversation took place. Because I emergency stopped myself at that comment. Because he was (technically) correct. And I wondered why that genius idea did not strike me.

And so I summarise reason why people hate exercising:

  1. Because it’s a holiday. Or a national holiday. Or a state holiday. And because all holidays mean unhealthy fried food. Fried food equals annihilation of exercise plan.
  2. Because safety devices are darn unsafe. Helmets can cause excessive sweating, which could cause blurred vision while riding a bike; a concussion may not be as vision un-enhancing. Elbow and knee pads will require that your hands and legs stick out at unhealthy angles when cycling causing you to look an oaf; having a vehicle ram into you may be a lot more stylish. Removing headphones while running on the road will cause to “miss the pimping beat” and potentially damage your Nikkes; having a car ram into you will probably save your shoes. (I can go on – but I think you get the point yes?)
  3. Because exercising is expensive. Running (or walking) on roads worth a few hundred crores built by governments that require you to invest a few thousand bucks on new shoes every couple of months is very expensive; the few thousand bucks you spent on noise-cancelling headphones is not. Signing up for a neighbourhood pool apparently costs more than the stylish sunglasses and waterproof watch you own. Smart takes the elevator up 3 floors – stupid burns precious energy and time on the stairs.

I didn’t intend to make this post sound so preachy, but it’s turned out that way and I’m going to live with it. So this Independence Day, I can only hope that we all devote a few minutes everyday to keep ourselves in better shape. Because spending (whatever little you may need to) to keep yourself in shape makes more sense that 1000 buck sunglasses that were on sale on Flipkart – because you aren’t spending, you are investing in your future.

Happy Independence Day!

P.S. I was so focussed on staying fit this Independence weekend that I drafted this post and forgot all about it till Monday. So happy belated Independence Day!!

Knock, knock. Who’s there?

Writing a blog (this one, at least) feels a lot like opening the door at a house party – you never quite know who will come knocking and how they’re going to mix in with the rest of our guests.

So when I think about who the readers of THIS blog are, I can only hope that they’re as random as the people I had over last weekend, but are joined by a common thread of sorts. I’m very passionate about a lot of things (but mostly music, books, movies and humour) and I think that’s where most of my readers’ interests will also lie (or at least I hope that’s what they’re interested in – if not, they’re in for a rude shock).

So my ideal audience is every music-loving movie-going funny bibliophile.

There. Nailed it. Take that, blogging 101.

Saying Hello

In case you haven’t realised (with the new blog name and the updated “About me” page), I’ve decided to dedicate time to my blog thanks to the Blogging101 course.

The course is not designed to make me a kick-ass blogger overnight. Or even over a month. It needs us fellow students to commit to the basic principles of maintaining a blog (or for that matter even your facebook profile) – the idea that the blog is essential a way for you to express your ideas and connect with people. Repeat – connect with people.

As part of our assignment to reach out to fellow bloggers and follow topics of interest, I actually realised (or re-realised) topics that I’ve always been passionate about – humour, books and music. I realised that almost every blog that I liked or followed had one among these 3 themes very strongly (or at least that their authors appeared to be passionate about one of these 3 themes).

So here I present a blogroll of the recent blogs I’ve just started following:

  • Anand’s Caricatures and Parodies: A fellow blogger101er, Anand has a quirky sense of humour and (I think) a stready hand.
  • Words that aren’t: The Grammar Nazi in me is always lurking around, editing incorrectly worded emails and papers. A blog like this kind of puts me in my place.
  • The Blurred Line: I stumbled upon this one reading up a sugar-free challenge (quiche vs cup cake – I actually would choose the quiche) and realised that this advertiser wrote in a style of humour that I liked. furrynuff said.
  • Girl on the Contrary: I LOVED the style on her site (the theme, the colours, everything!) and was delighted to see that her content was even better. “Here is a Thought on a Friday” – pure genius.
  • Scottish Bookwork in Quebec: Following a book series led me to this blog (actually more than one series led me to this blog; so we have common reading tastes for sure). I’ll look to more reading ideas from this Scot for sure.

These bloggers (and many more on The Commons) give me more inspiration to put pen to paper and write more. And preferably about topics I’m passionate about – so other people will be able to connect with my blog as much I do with these blogs.

Aiyer vs Admin Guys – The Epilogue

Since posting on Saturday, not much has changed at the office. I dint expect it to. But it sounded like a follow up post, so here goes.

The food probably still has insects in em. I wouldn’t know. I carry food to work everyday now. In fact, I get to office a good 15 mins late cuz I piss my mom off as she packs my lunch for me, so I wont have to eat at the canteen. But the foods still the same. And the senior official cant give a damn about it (his wife must pack him lunch, so he doesn’t really know does he).

The stupid IT Guys have still blocked most sites. They’re now inundated with a good 50 mails each hour with requests to unblock sites. I pray for the day when they realise that Investment Bankers have models to finish, and Info Memos to proof-read, and sending mails to report legal sites to unblock are not part of their job profile.

My ancient desktop computer refused to respond to me only yesterday (yet again). And, yet again, the IT guys’ response is the same – Pls Restart the computer. When I told him that I’d already tried it, his response dint surprise me at all – Restart it again… By the time its’ restarted, I’ll b thr. (suggesting that a restart is more of a recreational activity). Sigh. If they would get a little more efficient, work satisfaction would increase exponentially.
(Soon after the damn thing stopped doing nething, and it was left to me to tell the IT guy to consider a format. He sez ok and turns up at my cubicle with his fone. And without the windows CD. (Sigh) No comments.)

In other news, we discovered Godzilla-sized rats in our office the other day (they were hiding in the drawer where our keyboards are) and the reaction was unanimously noisy. With yet another mail to the admin guys, the reply was the same – “Pest Control will be done”. Another colleague came up with the idea of trapping some rats in a flypaper, and leaving them in our senior management’s cabins – so they know their pest control doesn’t work. (That’s still a WIP project; updates on that will follow soon)

P.S. I’m sure everyone who’s ever worked would have similar horror stories, so what I’ve narrated can hardly be described as novel. It is, however, heartfelt.bbtt

Aiyer vs Admin Guys – The Office Wars

I generally start the New Year with a chirpy post (not that this one will not be chirpy), but I chose a rather off-beat yet personally (and professionally) relevant topic instead. (Okay, Bull. I just wanted to vent. There. Satisfied you annoying little conscience!!)

My workplace has  an IT policy that allows restricted use of the internet, as do most workplaces (my friends at MakeMyTrip.com and some other places are luckier, but let’s not even go there for now). So I can access Google and Yahoo and Rediff, but I can’t access Youtube or Facebook or most “fun” sites. Normally, that’s ok; I mean I am supposed to work, but it would have helped if an organisation doesn’t treat its 20-something employees like they’re teenagers. And our IT department seems to employ a bunch of people who can’t tell you how to get your damn mail account fixed but can somehow come up with more and more sites to block. (Other than responding “Please restart and try, their advice is generally squat; people in the cubicles across me know more than them. And THAT’s saying a lot – I work in an Investment Bank full of CAs and MBAs whose knowledge of the computer is limited to Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V and Alt+Ctrl+Del). Initially, I was a little curious, so I tried some known proxies, and some other known methods, but they all failed. The scoreline thus far read: Aiyer 0 – IT Guys 1.

But I dont give up that easy do I. Once in a while, I indulge, and discover other (read: nefarious) means to access some sites (read: Facebook). It works currently only for some sites (read: Facebook), but that’s more than enough for me. I also figured out a way to actually SEND mail from my Gmail account (normally that isn’t allowed, but from necessity stems pure genius 😉). The scoreline now read Aiyer 1: IT Guys 1. Suck it 😛

And then they play a New Year prank (I’d hope it was just a one day prank… some of the sites they blocked were actually business sites. It wasnt.) on me. They block every single known (and unknown) proxy. They even block most legal sites with a remotely blockable angle (Rediff, Indiatimes, hell, even some corporate websites). At first I thought it was some silly mistake. So I check, and re-check my URLs. The damn screen still reads Blocked. And then my focus shifts to the category… the one that read “Clothing”.
My instant reaction – a burst of laughter that had my whole team run to my cubicle thinking I had actually done something very very wrong (my reaction to a very very wrong action is generally extreme bouts of laughter). And then they saw the frozen screen and burst into laughter themselves.
“Clothing”. Really??! (This btw was the category for a site that was for a company in another space altogether) IT Guys they can play pranks alright. Aiyer 1 – IT Guys 2. Game on!! (Some other “odd” categories included Cooking, Food, Gardening, Jewelry and, can you believe this, Porn!!)

And you know how I beat them? By accessing Facebook, with no proxy server. From my phone. (Nyaa na na naa naah)
Aiyer 2 – IT Guys 2. Catch up suckers 😛

Elsewhere, the cook was busy adding additional value to my food by enhancing its otherwise absent calorific value by adding live insects to it. I complained, like the college kid that I was so used to being, to the head of the canteen. He gave me a non-committal shrug with a “what to do maydam”. At that point the banker in me took over (I’m proudly an investment banker, but our parent organisation is a bank, so the culture rub-off is unavoidable and I shot a rather hilarious yet critiquing mail to the head of the Admin department explaining the situation to him. I thought the scoreline would now read Aiyer 3 – Admin/IT Guys 2 and I would triumph at the end of the week. Sadly, the rather senior official replied with a “Thanks for the feedback. Will ensure pest control” and I had to do everything I could to not keep myself from falling off the chair from laughing too hard. The IT Guys dint win this one, but apparently neither had I. Aiyer 2 – IT Guys 2. In another discussion, this very official had commented “The food here is so much better than at the bank”. Sir, if a bank official found floating insects in his meal, he would’ve ensured heads rolled for it… Thank god we’re Investment bankers who spend time working (and free time blogging abt it ;))

P.S. It’s been 3 days and I can’t get my work done because of these stupid blocks. The scoreline reads Aiyer 2 – IT Guys 3. But I’m pissed now fellas. And you WONT like me when I get mad.
P.P.S. On the 4th day, I sent a mail to the IT head with a cc to every senior official in the organisation asking them if such strict vigilence is required in an Investment Bank whr employees neway have very little time to do even their work, let alone google for obscure websites about Gardening and Clothing. Response is awaited. Aiyer 2.5 – IT Guys 3. I’ll get u geeks.

Of CommonWealth and other not-so-common stuffs

It’s Day 3 of the CWG here in India, and I’m thrilled at the fact that the Indian contingent has done amazingly well. The contingent WRESTLED, SHOT and LIFTED their opponents outta the way, and have brought home 6 Golds, 6 Silvers and 2 Bronzes. Kudos to all the sportspersons who have performed exceedingly well, despite the rather negative cloud that was surrounding this event. For those who haven’t already heard, the event was completely surrounded by bad luck from the word go. When charges of corruption were just being refuted, bridges and ceilings collapsed, and people looked around frantically for the splendour that should have been an integral part of this event. Thankfully, the opening ceremony went off quite well, and India’s run in this event has been quite successful too. So here’s to the hope that we do much better in the days to come, and keep or improve our Second spot on the leaderboard.

About a week ago, the Ayodhya verdict came out. For those who are unaware, this is a highly sensitive title suit, for claimants are laying claim on a piece of land that one party claims to the birthplace of Hindu God Ram, and another party says is the spot where a Mosque once stood and was brutally demolished. So tense was the situation that many major business entities in the country allowed employees to leave home early, in a bid to escape from any violence that could arise from an unfavourable verdict. In a rather expected judgement, the State High Court asked the claimants to share the land among themselves, and do what they deemed fit with it. While one party was left with 2/3 of the land, another had to settle with the remaining. Needless to say, both parties are filing petitions with the Supreme Court with claim to the entire land. In a country like India where the judicial system is already backlogged with many many cases, this one is going to hog the limelight for all the wrong reasons. (Sigh) Yeh to India hai. (This is India)

US President Barack Obama recently decided to schedule a visit to Mumbai, no doubt in the hopes of buying us out with a UN seat (we’ll take that, thank you…). While we are more than happy that he is taking this step to give India this much deserved seat in the UNSC, I wonder why it’s being hyped as much. After all, he isn’t the first US President to visit us, nor is his agenda too stark. What may have changed since Clinton and Bush last visited the Indian soils is how the world has perceived India, and how India has projected itself. From being just another trade partner, we’ve become quite critical to the American economy. From just an outsourcing hub, we’ve transformed into a key element in the businees chain, and THAT is what has changed their attitude towards us. But, for some strange reason, we haven’t been able to leverage anything from the Indo-US relationship (other than the nuclear pact). Let’s hope that when he arrives around Diwali, we’re in a better stage to strike a deal, and in better spirits to enjoy them.

Only last week my favouritest (I know that isn’t a word) actor Ranbir Kapoor starred in a rather lack-lustre movie. A million reviews have been written and I will not repeat the fact that the movie was not at all inspiring. I loved the fellow from his first movie Saawariya (an adaption of an Arabian Nights story) to his last release Rajneeti (a take on the mythological epic Mahabharat). While his innocent looks and impish smile are a definite reason for me to fall flat, his acting skills are far more responsible for me respecting him as an actor. While I am quite confused on why he would agree to such a uninspiring project, I (and a certain friend) certainly lay blame on the director for not using this fellow much better. (Sigh) If only I could direct him…

I had a chance to listen to Rahman’s latest Bollywood album Jhootha Hi Sahi, and boy was I disappointed. Seems like Rahman has been too busy with his Jai Ho tour and other committments that he wasn’t able to devote much time to his stable professional committments. I dont blame him… he is a musical genius and overworking a genius is never a good idea (case in point: me). But I wonder if Rahman were better off NOT releasing such albums (his previous releases include other not-so-inspiring soundtracks for Blue and Raavan) and would take the Aamir Khan funda of one album a year. (Sigh) Even good music is being watered down by this evil world…

Elsewhere, I was busy getting mowed by an SUV. Note that the idiot was taking a blind turn at a speed I reckon was at least 50. Yet he claims it couldn’t have been more than 50. He was mighty lucky I dint get injured or he’d have had more than a black eye to deal with. And luckier still that his girlfriend kept me from doing any more damage. On the bright side, he now has a shiny black eye to match his shiny black SUV. (pats self on back)

The Summer Diaries – Weeks 6 and 7

I ran outta time in the last 2 weeks to actually document stuff on a daily basis and had to make do with irregular posts. Here’s a snippet…

May 18th 4:30 a.m.

I have to admit that this is a relatively ungodly hour to be up, let alone recording the findings of my day in a diary. But, what the hell, I got the time and I got the drive… so I’m just gonna live the last 2 days over.

Saturday was a relatively slow day. Not too much happened in terms of truly quantifiable work, but I had a great day nonetheless, so I’m not gonna bother getting into specifics (as far as fiction goes, there’s only SO MUCH that I can invent for every weekend…).  I had some friends over from the city (read Pune; Mumbai is the “Big City”…J)

Sunday was a more lazed back version of Saturday, only I got to stay home for the whole hot day. I slept pretty early Saturday night, but I still managed to laze around till almost noon today, and have spent most of the time ever since in mundane tasks like washing and tidying up. I enjoyed a light dinner at our neighbourhood McDonalds, and spent the time ever since on the laptop, watching some random stuff and hearing some music that I haven’t revisited in a very long time. A little later I decided to get my guitar out, and strummed a few songs that I’ve been meaning to try out for a long time. My verdict is that ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ is a very easy to play song, while ‘Wonderwall’ is a little more tricky on the chords; however my Hindi favourites ‘Aadat’ and ‘Pal’ are great to play on the strings.

I also had the chance to view what I now think is a mini-series named ‘The Summit’. It’s based on a fictional G8 summit with a fictional point of contention and a lot of fiction in the plot… but it’s impossible to miss the subtle hints that the directors send out in the series. I’ve only been able to view parts 1 and 2, and I’m not sure if there’s more to this series to watch or if it ends on an open note (Personally, I’d rather imagine how it ends rather than have them chalk it out for me…).

I’m beginning work on the Appendix on books that I’ve kept promising myself, since it’ll probably keep me entertained while I’m on a rather steep schedule these next 2 weeks to put together a report for my project, as well as wrap up my presentation.


19th May 5:30 p.m.

It’s been a relaxed day for me… I dint have any deadline to meet today, and no pending meetings. I also got to meet someone who was able to give me some inputs that I could actually use for the project. At the same time, I dint really feel the burden of having no concrete work to do for the day. A good day J

The day started as usual, with everyone busy in meetings. It got a little better when I was able to contact (contact, not meet) some other people that I knew I needed to talk to if I needed a full understanding of the processes. I somehow got a few people to agree to talk to me (one tomorrow, and another on the site) and resigned to spending the rest of the day doing some work on the report. Post lunch, I got the chance to have a meaningful discussion with another executive who came to my assistance and gave me some good inputs. He also gave me some other resources to tap into, and I’ve been spending time ever since on that. I hope to take some work back home today (in a long time I haven’t really done that) and get some reading done before tomorrow.

I also plan to make a site visit within this week, which means that, for the first time in almost 2 months, I will be out in the sweltering heat that Pune is so infamous for. Hopefully, it’ll be a visit that I can leverage during the presentation and in the report as well (hopefully is really resting on a plate of hope now…). Till I have more to report, I’m gonna get back to some quick work before I head out for the day.


21st May 5:30 p.m.

 I haven’t able to transcript anything yesterday, so most people I know would assume that I was actually DOING something; I won’t bother to take any efforts to get rid of those assumptions. And the time that I’m typing this out would suggest that I’ve been pretty busy today as well; at least I can honestly say that they haven’t been entirely wrong today.

I came into office around 9:15, hoping to be able to get in touch with the big boss before he left for the site, and was lucky enough to do so; but he really couldn’t help me at that time in the day, so I had to make do with just BEING able to get a glimpse of him. I took off on a plant visit today, to be able to meet some of the people that I hadn’t been able to meet in office.

The ride to the site was, needless to say, hot. It’s actually been pretty hot for the last few days, especially with it raining in the evenings and all. Some weather buffs in the office call this phase a “mini-monsoon” – with it being unbearably hot in the day and raining every evening, with the spells of rains increasing gradually and finally giving way to the monsoons. Either way, it remains amazingly pleasant in the evenings and since I’m in the office for most of the day, the blazing heat during the day doesn’t really bother me that much. More on the weather later.

So, the site. The expanse itself was so huge that it was pretty unnerving; and I dint even get around to seeing the whole site. The coolest part of the site was those “porta cabins” – they’re these awesome temp structures used at most sites and it’s so COOL (too bad I couldn’t click a pic of me in a hard hat with a pose next to one of those cabins). Those cabins are so awesome… fitted with ACs n net connectivity and all… and so amazing to be caught in one of those when it’s raining, which, like I said, it has been for the last 2 days at least.

So, the site. (GOD, I’m getting sidetracked so easily). I took a quick trip of 2 of the shop floors, and I must admit that the size of the machines was AWESOMELY huge. (I can’t say more about it at the risk of getting sued. I can’t even tell you WHERE it is, though you can try googling it n hope for some results.) I also got to speak to some pretty interesting and passionate people.

And THAT was the most striking feature on that site – people referred to a shop as “my shop”, or a machine as “our machine” or described a process as if they were talking about their kid getting ready for school. The sheer passion that I saw on the site was enough to convince me that these guys really enjoy what they are doing, even if it is sitting in one of those COOL cabins and planning some mundane production process.

That’s something I hope to someday have… at the job I’m doing. Till then, I’m gonna have to make do with journals that transcribe my day.


May 28th Sometime in the evening

I really have been busy this whole week, which explains for the lack of any entries. I’ve spent most of today tidying up my presentation, so that I can run it thru some of the people tomorrow.

The last week has been spent in “me” understanding that the report really does need to go out, and that it needs to go out by the 3rd, with signoffs and all. So I really had to get down to writing whatever I needed to in the report and at full speed too.


June 1st: 12:30 p.m.

A new month, a new week and a new sense of freedom fill me. It’s T-5 for me J

I’d been able to run the presentation thru my mentor sometime thru the last week and ended up wrapping my report up late last night. I worked a lot on it I have to admit… I carefully wrote down every little detail I remembered, and I had to personally type the whole report out – no copy pasting… L

The last 2 days have been spent literally doing just that – revising the presentation based on my mentor’s inputs and trying to finish the report. I had to write almost 3 chapters at the start of Saturday, and I did some quite progress over Saturday. I only had one last chapter to do last night, which I wrapped up around 2 a.m. or so. I spent the next hour or so ensuring that the appendices are in place and that the report in itself has some formatting done.

I suspect that I’ll spend most of the next 2 days trying to do the same things – review, revise, format and proof. I’ll just need to make sure that my report and pres are as close to perfection as I can make ‘em… but other than that I think I’ll have the next 2 days to myself. Maybe I can catch up on them movies that I never got around to watching… 😉


June 2nd: 11:00 a.m.

A fairly boring start to the day. I have nothing to do today… literally, I only have to wait for my mentor’s mail regarding the report, and I have nothing else to look fwd to today…

I spent the large past of last nite… sleeping. J I woke really late this morning and I dint even feel remotely guilty about it. Now THAT’S a start. J


3:00 p.m.

I’ve spent all the time from the morning until now at the computer sending and receiving absolutely useless emails, memorising the 50 states of America with their state capitals, and, of course, staring at that frightfully curved computer screen.

I intend to be able to converse with my mentor about my report sometime later today, so that tomorrow I need get only the requisite sign offs and be able to leave.


June 3rd

I actually was able to leave in the first half itself… but I had to drop off one of em placecomm forms for my mentor to fill in; but then I was on my way back to Mumbai, if onli for a day. I spsent most of the day getting geared up for the next 3 days at Nasik, printing out my report, and all tht kinda stuff.  I quickly rearranged my packing, and I was ready to leave Mumbai yet again.

The Summer Diaries – Week 5

This week is gonna be a little fast paced, cuz I’ve onli just realised that my a** is on fire. So a lot of stuff in this week is gonna involve hunting ppl down and catching ppl in the middle of hallways (both of which I ensure u actually happened as well…)

May 11th: 4:00 p.m.

It’s been a disastrous day for me. Period.

[It’s surprising… even as u grow up u end up detesting results – grades in school, grades in B-school, performance appraisal results… and looks like they just DONT get the point do they…?]

I heard that the results for our term were out, but I dismissed them as rumours and went on. However, it turns out that they really ARE out, and my grades, as u can guess now, were not that gr8. In fact, they were what I would describe as downright awful. And I cant seem to digest that fact yet.

As also, while I had planned 3 interviews or so for the day, I onli got one done, and I suspect it’s not even that important in the larger scheme of things. Nonetheless, I’ve done some work today, so I’m at least a little content that something went ok with the day

[It’s such a pity that I have to console myself with “some work done”…]

May 12th: 6:00 p.m.

Today has been, literally, a rocking day.
[I dint really realise till later that evening that rock WAS a good part of that day. Heard some really good music that nite…]

I’ve been able to speak to a lot of ppl that I needed to speak with, and get some good inputs from them. I also met a certain executive who, at first, had completely changed the entire outlook I had to my project, but I did some careful reading and included his recommendations as a phase in the implementation of my project (can’t bother boring u all ne more with work talk, so I’ll stop right there).

The point is, I’ve had a good day. A great day by my usual standards. A day when I’ve actually been able to get some work done, some inputs in, feel a little worthwhile. I also finished the second book in the Twilight series, and I have to admit that Stephenie Meyer has a certain charm about her way. She makes the entire story appear to be so real, so relatable; even though it is strictly fantasy, she makes it seem like good, readable fiction. And, more importantly, I cant WAIT to find out what happens to Bella.

[And netime now I’ll be promising an appendix on the books…]

I intend to head back home today, happy and content, and probably go on a walk. Maybe I’ll shop for some necessities as well. And I’ll definitely watch some entertaining movie and chill out. And yes, I have some work to do on the presentation that I MUST attend to, and also start some work on the report that needs to be looked into really soon. Maybe I’ll have a good time today after all… 🙂

[Wishful thinking I tell u… it’ll never get the better of me…]

May 14th: 3:00 p.m.

It’s been a strange day today. I arrived early to office in an attempt to maybe catch some ppl around that I may be able to talk to… and it seems all of them had beaten me to it. Looks like 2 bad days in a row is happening to me…again…

 [of course, by now I’ve gotten the hang of it… but it looks like I really want to drive a point home here…]

Let’s start with an overview of yesterday. I did NOTHING. All day!!! I intended to meet one executive sometime in the evening, but he seemed to have forgotten it, and hence I dint end up meeting him at all. The rest of the day I had spent running up and down the stairs in an attempt to be able to meet someone… and it turned up pretty useless. The useless exercise finally ended at 6, when I went home to get some exercise. Sadly, I was so tired from the boring and useless day that I was not even in a mood to walk too much… I turned around after walking barely 20 mins in one direction, did some quick shopping and headed back home. After getting home, though, the anomaly started. I wasn’t ABLE to sleep, even tho I felt I NEEDED to sleep… so I was kept up almost all night, with desperate attempts from friends to attempt to get me to sleep. I eventually crashed sometime really early in the morning, and so I decided to check in early today… probably even have breakfast at the canteen.

[The fruitful part of that day as I remember it was a hypermart named Magnet, from where I got me some dearly needed Coffee Powder and some snacks. The rest of the walk wasnt even that much fun…]

As luck would have it, I arrived to the canteen just a tad bit late for breakfast, and consoled myself with good tea instead. I returned back to the desk and quickly tried rushing around to check in with my “bakraas” (that’s what I’m gonna refer to them as now, since that’s the kinda reaction I inadvertently end up getting from them). To add to my woes of the day which had begun so bad, NOONE I needed to talk to was available in the morning!! (Luckily, I caught one of them early on and made him commit to meeting me tomorrow, so I’m gonna hold him to his promise tomorrow). Also, I’m not sure if this extended sabbatical is doing me any good at all, since I think I’m gonna fall back on my schedule sometime soon…

Nehow. My faculty mentor just left after finishing his assessment of what he feels I’m doing here… and I dint get the impression that he was very unhappy about it. Nonetheless, it means a turning point in the project… it means working a little faster to wrap things up and factor in feedbacks cuz the end of term review isn’t all that far now. *Sigh

[*sigh again]

I’ve finished the third of the Twilight series, and I’m promising myself an Appendix on the books sometime really soon. I’m really coming to enjoy then series, and look forward to the next movie as well (and CUTE Edward Cullen is onli an added factor…:))
[aah.. THERE’s the promise of the appendix. Mebe I actually WILL write one…] 

Till any further updates from this side of Hell, I’ll sign off…
[and by that I mean this side of the world that boils all day with barely ne relief at all…]

The weekend

No dates required on this one. Cuz it was a consistent state. Nothing done. Onli slept. And dreamt. And wished for a better next week.

Appendix 1 to the Summer Diaries – The TV Series

This is a post in itself on the various TV series that I’ve been keeping myself entertained with. At times, I’ve been forced to make do with old episodes, but I guess it’s the best I can do for now.


The onli true reason that I think I got hooked onto this show was because I had nothing else to do, and no other series to watch.

Season 1 was fairly interesting, with a large number of characters and enough scenarios to engulf them. Particularly cute characters include Boone, Sawyer and, of course, Jack (when he’s dressed in the Tux that is…). Other interesting characters include Charlie the rock star, Locke the wanderer, Sayid the interrogator, Kate the fugitive (a cute one at that…), Hurley the lottery winner, Jin and Su, the estranged Korean couple and Claire, the single mother-to-be. Not an exhaustive list I admit, but it covers the most important characters that you’d probably need to know. Season 1 was more about the characters really, and about finding out who they really are. It gives us a sense that the island where these characters crash is magical in some way – making sick people better, and unseen to the rest of the world.

The real series begins somewhere around Season 2, where some newer characters are revealed, and some plots fall into place. Season 3 carries on in the same vein, and somewhere around the end of Season 3 we are made to believe that the characters are indeed rescued off the unplottable island. Season 4 drags on a bit… with some more ulterior motives of the characters coming to the fore, and leaving us wondering if these people are indeed who they claim they are; although by now our characters have spent enough time on the island to spill themselves out to someone on the island.

Personally, I think Season 4 is a bit of a drag. Okay, it’s necessary to follow their time off the island and all, but the manner in which it’s done is what really bores me. Nonetheless, I’m watching it a lot slower now, not more than an episode or so a day.

Recommendation: A decent watch, especially if u r particularly bored during the nights.


Why I dint get around to watching more of this series I cannot comprehend.

Heroes is all about a set of people who, due to some genetic mutation, have some superpowers; it’s about how they use those superpowers to, wait for it…., save the world.

My favourite character is Sylar – a mutant who’s a killer at heart, but a smart one at that. He used to be a watch repairman, but grew on to become the most feared character in the series – a pawn that every major player in the game wants to lay his hands on. I also like Claire, more for her rigid stubbornness that her life has a reason. Cutest of the bunch, though, is Hiro Nakamura – a Japanese with a cute power and a very great idea that he is meant to save the world, EVERYTIME.

Season 1 was the most interesting Season and, as many reviews I have read online say, also the best in terms of viewership. We understand all about our mutants here, and a story slowly falls into place. Season 2, cut short by the writer’s break, brings a twist in the tale and lays the ground for a great start to Season 3. I’m still midway through the Season and I have reason to believe that it’s onli getting better.

Personally, I’d wish that I had more episodes of Heroes than I currently do, so that I could watch it more often.

Recommendation: A very good watch. Get your hands on as much of it as u can – it’s purely ADDICTIVE and completely easy to get hooked on to.

The Big Bang Theory

Now THIS is a TV Series that I wish were broadcast on Indian Television more so that I wouldn’t have to depend on downloads to watch it more often. And besides, the kind of viewership that it would garner would make it feasible and profitable. (Silent hint to Star World / Zee Cafe / AXN).

This series introduces us to the classic Beauty and the Geek scenario; with the beauty really dumb and the geek a real nerd. Meet Penny, the cute waitress at the Cheese Cake Factory, and her secret admirer Leonard a physicist at CalTech. More importantly, meet Sheldon, Lennard’s roomie, a child genius and physicist at CalTech; a true supporter of sarcasm. The series is made absolutely hilarious when seemingly normal events are turned outta proportion by our geniuses and their friends, Walowitz, a Jewish pervert and Kutrapali, an Indian with a particular problem with females.

The highlight of the series, without a doubt, is Sheldon Cooper, portrayed amazingly by Jim Parsons. He is the epitome of a genius – awkward in social situations, quirky, and generally frank to the point of hilarity. He sometimes ends up being the source for conflict, and sometimes u can’t help but laugh at the simplicity (for HIM) at which at he interprets a situation. He’s also very egoistic, as u would expect from a guy with an IQ of 187, which results in some really clear conflicts, like when he criticizes the work of all his friends when Dennis Kim, another child prodigy, overthrows his work; or when he can’t think of a way of having soup and Penny suggests,” U cud have soup delivered…?”. What really makes the show’s humour come out are the interactions between Sheldon and the rest of the group; especially since he’s so quirky and full of weird comments, the other characters, especially Penny, take time to understand the point.

Personally, it’s a really really hilarious show. Can’t wait for it to be on television at a better time. Till then, I’m keeping myself indulged with the 2 seasons that I currently have and waiting for more episodes.

Recommendation: An absolute MUST WATCH. I think it’s easily available online, so if ne1 really is interested, it’s time to get hooked onto this show.

How I Met Your Mother

Another Hilarious series that I wish were on TV at a more convenient time. It currently aires at an inconvenient time on Star World I think…

The show revolves around the main character Ted, and how he explains to his kids how he met their mother (it’s been 4 seasons and we STILL don’t know who the mother is, only that is isn’t Robin). It’s almost a FRIENDS like atmosphere, with his friends Marshall and Lily (who are married), Barney Stinson (we STILL don’t know what he does for a living), and Robin Scherbatsky (I hope I got the spelling right…). Ted is almost comical on his own, with his own quirky behaviours and all, and scenarios are created when the bunch of em roam the city of New York. He harbours a long time crush for Robin, and eventually they do go out for a while, only to end it on the day their best friends get married. Barney, as we discover, also has a secret crush on Robin, though he’s never been able to tell her yet. Lily, is a hilarious pre-school teacher, with her own cute quotes for life from school. Marshall, is a lawyer wanting to be an environmentalist and working with a well paying firm till he can afford to do that. Barney also is a creator of many theories and statutes, like the Bro Code, or the Crazy Eyes Theory, or the Lemon Theory. The show basically attempts to capture average New York lifestyles, with some not-so-average characters.

Personally, I like the show for its fresh feel and great execution by the cast. Most of us remember Lily from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and she’s done a good job on this show as well. All the other characters are relatively new, barring Barney that we’ve seen somewhere else (drop in a comment if u can’t remember where from…).

Recommendation: A MUST WATCH. It’ll be fun to make it a more regular TV series that people can grow to love. It’ll never rival FRIENDS, but I think it’s in that league for sure.

Other options

Some other decent options to watch include 3rd Rock from the Sun (I don’t think it’s telecast on TV nemore), which is about an alien family on Earth set in the 1980’s, but telecast somewhere around the late 90’s. I like the idea of Aliens on Earth, and I must admit that this show makes the interactions between aliens and humans seem even more hilarious than already possible.

Another decent option, as recommended by a few friends, is Wonder Years. It charts the course of Kevin Arnold over his lifetime – how he grows up, how his life moves and how his priorities in life change. It isn’t telecast on TV very often and I think DVDs for it are also missing in India.

Some people have suggested Entourage as well. I personally don’t understand the concept of tracking a movie star’s rise to fame and the lives of his friends as well. Just a concept I’m not too happy about…

I’ve been trying hard to get recent episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and Scrubs. They’re both series based on the medical world that I really love. As also House M.D. which is a sarcastic and medical adaptation of Sherlock Holmes. I’m also trying to lay my hands on episodes from Smallville, which I absolutely loved at the time that I used to be able to watch it. Maybe these shows will become possible when I’m back on campus and I have easier access to the internet.

Post back with ne more TV series that I may be able to watch and some comments on these as well.