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J for Joy

As I write this post, its very very close to the New Year. Generally, I’ve ended each year with a post on the line of “Highlights of my year”, generally loaded with references to friends, family and events. This time, I’ll end the year with a lighter one… one on Joy (that I had in fact contributed to Sam’s blog on its anniversary). As usual, the post is in normal font, and the italics are my wisecracks/personal inputs.

To me, joy isn’t one thing alone. In fact, joy is a mash up of so many more parcels; many more Js.

One of ‘em is Jingle Bells. And this one just passed us by. And it reminds me, each year, how joy multiplies by leaving a gift under a tree. (I’m not Christian, and very few of my friends are, but the idea of a song with memories attached to a whole holiday season gets to me. The concept of Diwali or Holi or Eid or Baisakhi have the same effect; unfortunately none of them started with J, so they’re going to have to live as a sub comment.)

Another is Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander. This was one of the first Hindi movies that I fell in love with and that taught me the joy of both losing and winning, and falling and rising in love. I find some indefinable joy in Bollywood and how much I love it despite its many corny moments. (I watch more Hollywood than Bollywood, and believe that Hollywood makes more amazing cinema in one year than Bollywood ever has, but even though Hollywood releases an Inception, it can’t pull of EIGHT song-and-dance sequences in ONE movie, that’s shot in TEN locations, over the course of TWENTY months.)

Another one is Jhakaas, the Bumbaiyya way of expressing joy. And this one reminds me of how much this city means to me and how much joy I find in its little nuances. From the crowded local trains to the serene beaches, and from Pav Bhaji and Wada Pav, to Schezwan Dosa and Jain Rolls; everything about this city makes me feel joyful. Joy is Mumbai and Mumbai is Joy. (My friends in Delhi will happily refute this one, but you ain’t writing this one are you? 😛)

Another one of ‘em is Jhingalala. Not only Tata Sky, but TV in general is something that cheers me. Joy is watching that ridiculous cartoon or an outrageous reality show or that lovable ad. Joy is The Roadrunner Show, and Masterchef Australia and the Kit Kat ad with mongrels. The TV reminds me that there is always joy… you just have to find the right channel on which it’s playing. (There was to be a separate section on Masterchef Australia, so I limited myself on that front. Unfortunately, I think after the writers favourite contestant being outed, Master Australia was replaced with another topic. Also, the Kit Kat ad is just too lovable to ignore. As for the Roadrunner Show, it’s impossible not to love a show where a dumb coyote makes diabolical plans to outsmart a roadrunner that’s, well, just too fast for his wits.)

Another parcel of joy is Jango (the music site) and my trusted old jukebox. They introduce me to new music every day. The joy I derive from music is one that words could never capture… But I can safely claim that the feeling when I compose a new song, or listen to a new one is pure joy. I try to write a new song each week, just so I can revel in the joy of having written it. Joy is Hobbie and Pluto (my guitars) and how I smile as they gently weep, and how they comfort me as I gently weep. (Before you wonder why my guitars are named what they are, they are named after their brands. And they have soul; that entitles them to a name)

Joy is in Journey, a band with some of the awesomest rock songs (Beatles has the honour of the awesomest). And Glee did a cover of some of their greatest songs. And Glee is a joyous 40 minutes for me… good songs and a bunch of kids with nothing to worry about – that’s joy to me. I loved that part in my childhood where my biggest worry was lunch, and then dinner. I’d happily jump into a show where all I had to do in school was sing, and dance, and occasionally get slushied. (The jump from J to G for Glee – this one’s pure Jenius eh…?)

Joy is in JLT. It’s when you do something extremely ‘arbit’, but it makes such a great memory in hindsight. Its partying late and sloshing out on a friend’s bed – not because you wanted to, but because you could. It’s bunking class or office and just staying home and catching up on sleep. It’s those late nights on campus strolling for hours discussing nothing and everything. It’s that impromptu terrible movie you dragged your friends to, which had you all in splits. It’s those morning jogs and bike rides for which one of your friends always had to be dragged out of bed. It’s those trips planned a day in advance with lots of friends, few clothes and even less money. It’s arriving on the station 15 minutes late for a Shatabdi, and cheering as it arrived on the platform just as you ran in.

Joy is reading this and thinking of those many special people and wonderful moments in time (I hope you’re thinking of at least a few by now.)

Joy is calling them up to say, “Hi… I just thought of you.”

Joy is going through some old photos and remembering how skinny your friend was, or how fun that Esselworld trip was! (I have just one bunch of photographs from our school trip to Esselworld, but a pile of memories attached to ‘em.)

Joy is listening to that mix tape or CD and reliving the emotions attached to those songs. (I made a mix tape in 7th grade, when recording a tape was considered real fly, and every time I listen to it (yes, I still have a device that plays tapes), I find myself in extreme bouts of laughter!)

Joy is finding an old birthday card and remembering how fun your childhood was. (I’ve saved up cards from when I was six, till last year, and ones from close friends and distant relatives, and each one says the same thing to me – you’ll get another one next year!)

Joy is seeing that perfect report card, and the smile on your Mom’s face that’s still stuck to it. (Not to brag, but I quite a few of them, and I’m still proud of myself for accomplishing that – I’d do for it for my Mom every year. If there ever was something that signified a perfect report card in the worklife, I’d do everything I could to get my hands on it just for that smile to come back on!)

Joy is 8 batch-mates, one laptop and re-runs of sitcoms you know every line to, with a healthy dose of wise ass comments. (From “How you doin?” to “Bazzinga” to “Legend-wait for it-dary” my laptop Mike (yeah, I name my laptop too… he has soul, and a name that’s derived from Michael Dell) has been both an entertainer and an entertainee!!)

Joy is 4 friends, 4 mugs of coffee and Gtalk. (I still take out an hour a week, whether I’m travelling or at home, to catch up with those friends who live in various time zones, and work in different jobs, but who miss the same people.)

All these little things I call Joysters. They’re friends, families, and a truckload of memories.

Joy is living in today, thinking fondly of yesterday and loving the wait for tomorrow. With your Joysters.

Wishing you a very Merry Xmas (if I havent already) and an awesome New Year!


New Year – yet again!!

This year truly has flown by… the semester flew by, exams rushed by (they’re still rushing by…), placement season ran by… it’s been a rollercoaster year for sure.

Some things I will always remember from 2009 include:

1. Getting placed!!! Not that it’s my first try at a job… but it feels good nonetheless.
2. Breaking my vow of an almost chocolate-less last year.
3. Winter of ’09 in Ghaziabad… it’s been so chilly already, I cant wait for Chakravyuh when we will be freezing our a**es off in the cold.
4. Summer of ’09… it’s had many wonderful memories, some that I hope never to forget in my lifetime… 🙂
5. My last hand at mid-term examinations.. and my last serious attempt at examinations altogether.
6. Tapu… my roomie, my friend, my sister… not that she wont be around in ’10… but I’ll remember 09 as the year when she turned from roommate to friend to family.
7. Chakravyuh. In more ways than one, it’ll be the event that brought me close to many ppl, realised my dream of playing again, and made me feel my true worth. Winning, of course, was an add-on.
8. The MANY birthdays that we celebrated in earnest and with a great BANG this year! Kudos to the whole gang for making this a year of very memorable birthdays (and other parties, lunches, dinners etc.)
9. Getting back to blogging. I spent the whole summer, and a lot of time after on m many blogs… and while I’m not too sure I can keep it up, 09 was a year that I spent more online than offline.

I could write a list that spanned a 100 things… but these will remain the top 9 of ’09 for me.

Many ppl will spend this time of the year reminiscing about their year in photos, FB statuses, Tweets… but this year has been one that has had many implications for me. It’s been a year when I’ve spent time building my career, cherishing my student status… and yet yearning to get back to the real big bad world.

Here’s hoping that everyone relives their year in these last few days, makes the most of those best memories, and gets all they wish from this new year. Let’s ring in this New Year with hope.. Hope that the stains of last year may be washed away, that the tears of the year gone by are replaced with guffaws of laughter from this new one, that old friends remember to hang on for yet another year, that those old flames remember u, that life may be less ‘complicated’ this year, that some friends may get a (new) job. Let’s all hope… not just for ourselves, but also for those we care so much about; let’s make 2010 a Year that’s all about the ppl we care about.. let’s make it a year for Friends – both long lost and those that we spend much time with.

A New Year – not a new Blog

Hola ppl… welcome to a new year – a year with its own set of joys (and griefs), own friends but the same old blog. Not that many ppl visit this blog – Nonetheless it’s not gonna change unless the Apocalpse strikes – and even then I doubt that I will be too busy changing the face of my blog in the face of impending doom.

For those of u who use this blog to stay updated with my life, here’s a round of updates.
My end terms ended on Xmas Eve, and I shuttled off home to Mumbai to spend Xmas and New Year’s. Nothing spectacular occured over this tenure… I found the time to meet most of my friends (Sorry to u Payal, Urvi, Suns, Tanu, DJ and the rest of the gang…) and caught up wid my family as well.  I was stranded on Mumbai Aiport on New Year’s owing to fog in Delhi Airport, but I arrived cold and freezing back on campus on the evening of 1st January 2009.
Notice that the end terms were mentioned in a blur – that’s cuz that’s where they really belong. Our placement week commenced on the 5th on the month, and will carry on till the 12th or so – a week in which our college’s entire establishment is put to the test and the students prove their mettle in the corporate world. There isnt much that I can publicly comment about this week – but I can assure u that it is fun for those who are working for it, and more fun for those who arent.

Campus life hasnt changed much in the last week or so.
My friend AP leaves for France for a whole semester. So here’s wishing the fellow a good time in France.
My best friend has landed in the hospital – AGAIN. So here’s wishing him a speedy recovery – AGAIN.
Will has immersed himself in his work. So here’s wishing him good time at work.
Sonam hasnt joined office yet. So here’s hoping that she does.
Rajeev is still at odds with his newly found girlfriend. Here’s hoping some sense flows his way.
Tammy is still confused about what she wants to do with life. Here’s hoping she answers the Million Dollar question.
And I am still blogging at 7 in the morning. Here’s hoping that I find some shut eye.

Till further news… Merry Xmas, Happy New Year, Good Morning and Good Night.

Happy New Year!!

Happy.. quite the opposite to how the year started at least..
But then… I chose today to post.. onli cuz happy makes sense today.. 😀

The new year started off quietly..with no “Gang Party” and no drinks and our usual Dhamaal..since our whole Battalion wasnt in town, we did away with our usual style of New Year as well..
But, I have to admit, it wasnt so happy a year at all. CAT results out (with me deep in quicksand), a miserable XAT, my usual health issues and to add to it my own complications that I couldnt quite sort out.
And u can imagine how tht would make ne1 feel.. a lousy start makes a damningly bad impression on the new year.. but it seems to have turned around finally.
Some problems are sorting themselves out, some gud news headed my way… and to top it all, Im feeling ECSTATIC!!!

My vivas are on the 19th and my results are expected on the 18th… so yea a rock is underway..

But if my good mood carries on, the vivas are a piece of cake.. and the results never happened!!

Cya till I find more to write on..

Flashback Mode

I was kinda thinking this is the best way to bring the year to an end.. at least officially.

This year has seen a lot. And I mean it.

Mittal taking over Arcelor, the entire reservation racket, Jessica Lal, Sanjay Dutt… its been a year of a lot of news. The sensex scaling the 13000 mark just a few months after a trading session was prematurely closed due to a massive crash. The RTI Act cuming in… and ppl nt knowing hw or wen or whr to use it. Shanghai plans for Bombay… still on the talk mode even after the serial blasts rocked the city, making ppl wonder if the place is even safe to live in.

And yes, personally, its been a year I wudnt want to fget. Its been better for me than a lot of other years..but thn I say tht every yr dont I??

Raj and Mannya.. this year goes out to u. This yr also goes out to my extended gang frm college.. which extended massively over the year. This yr goes out to my frnds frm skool… who r still trying hard for tht re-union. This yr goes out to Jeetu..whom I might never see again since he might never return to India. It goes out to Rahul… whom I hvnt seen in 2 years.. and may nt see for another 2 thanx to his demanding workload.

And finally… it goes out to ME!!!
Since I really deserve it..!!!

ciao in the New Year Fellas!!!