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A Trip down memory lane…

This is long overdue… but I realised that there is no better time to blog about this than now… when boredom is beginning to catch up with me, and when the memories are still so fresh, they almost hurt.

On the 15th of March, 6 ppl took off from IMT Gzb for a trip – a trip that they had little clue would be filled with so much adventure and fun that they swore it would stay with them for the rest of their lives; a trip that meant the last time all of them would be together and care-free; a trip that would span some places that they would visit for the first time, and some that they would come back to much later in their lives; a trip that gave them 2 memorycards full of memories and many that the camera would never capture. Here is what that trip was all about.

The journey frm IMT to Anand Vihar, and thereon to NDLS was very uneventful, so I’ll skip that. NDLS station welcomed us, with all the stench and dirt it had to offer. We found our way to the platform, a weary bunch of travellers – some sleep deprived, some intoxicated, and some just pure tired. We waited till the Sher-E-Punjab (Lion of Punjab) rolled onto the platform, and unlike other animals of the wild, this one was late. But, tired as we were, we waited, boarded it and spent the next 7 hours in various states of half-sleep. Reaching Amritsar, we were greeted by a car and a helpful soul to take us around the city. Reaching the guest house, we needed just a while before we were ready to rock Amritsar.

Stop 1 – Wagah Border. This place has a lot of history, being one of the only places on the India-Pak border that ppl tend to frequent a lot. And the BSF has done a splendid task of marketing it. (The Pak BSF is either busy with other issues, or just doesn’t plain care, cuz we dint see too much enthusiasm on their side of the border, more on that later.) We saw at least a 100, 000 ppl queuing up to see the beating retreat in the evening – a crowd that would ordinarily have been lazing around elsewhere found a spot to display patriotism. The BSF had very splendidly put together a fun show will the beating retreat had been planned – a run to the border with the National Flag in ur hands, a song-n-dance with some patriotic songs. We witnessed what seemed like 50 year old ladies make a dash to the border, the Tiranga (our national flag) flying in their hands – a true show of patriotism. The song-n-dance was purely entertainment, with the crowd dancing to some remixed patriotic songs from Bollywood. Not so long after, the Jawans lined up for what we thought was the ceremony, and our well-trained host read out the rules to us. That we use onli pre-specified slogans during the ceremony (me thinks it is so as not to offend the opposite side, considering that they were such a tiny number). And then, he enthused the crowd with loud cries of “Vande Mataram”, “Bharat Mata ki Jai” and “Hindustan Zindabad”. (Just a tiny thing I noticed here… whenever our host would yell out “Hindustan”, his Pakistani counterpart would yell out “Pakistan”… as if in an attempt to “steal” our “Zindabad” 😉 But we would go on yelling nehow… they were so little in number, we kinda felt they needed our help on this one…). What followed was an extravagant ceremony of rolling down the flags for the day. It was orchestrated by no more than 8 Jawans, each one with a clear responsibility of what to do, whom to salute, how long to march, how high to kick (almost above their heads!) and so on. The ceremony was interspersed with breath-taking yells from both sides of the border, and tremendous enthusiasm from the crowd. At the end of the ceremony, both the countries’ flags were taken down…as if to say, “we’re the same now, stuck in the middle of nowhere”. What we had witnessed, was a display of patriotism, a display of honour.

The slow descent of both flags into the hands of the awaiting soldiers

We returned, heightened with the feeling of patriotism in our veins, to visit the Golden Temple of Amritsar. This is the most religious place for the followers of Sikhism, it being the resting spot of the Guru Granth Sahib, the holy book. If u thought some of the churches in the world offered a peaceful spot, u must definitely make a visit to this temple, which oozes an atmosphere of pureness and tranquility. The gateway to the temple is flanked by 2 flagstaffs, which are the holy Nishaan Sahib. What follows is a long walk across the holy lake into the temple of Gold. This temple is flanked on 4 sides, by 4 gigantic gates – each signifying that ppl of ne faith, and ne religion can walk in to find refuge in this temple. The Golden Gurudwara houses the eternal Sikh Guru Granth Sahib, which is on display on the ground floor of the temple. Walk right on to the 1st floor, to get a beautiful view of the holy book, as well as a breath-taking view of the entire temple complex. The roof of the temple is on open display to everyone, as is the gold that adorns this very rich temple. We heard that there is a waiting period to make an offering in this temple, that extends to almost a year… makes u think that ur faith in this temple has to be really strong. After our customary photo session, we settled to get some peace from the place that has been the refuge for ppl of many faiths.

The Golden Temple flanking us, lending us some of its charm and beauty (hopefully)

We left the temple, feeling peaceful, and vowing to return in the morning, when the sun would give the entire complex a different look altogether. We left for the famous Kesar Da Dhaba, in the hopes of a sumptuous Punjabi meal. The Dhaba, having been around for almost a 100 years, knows the taste that its patrons prefers, and has set itself menus that cater to it; u can order a-la-carte as well, but the menus are so well-made most ppl dont even bother. Our regular Paranthas, Dal and Sabzi were served to us, with oodles of butter. As I looked in confusion at the sheer amount of calories I was about to consume, I looked around and found that ppl had no qualms whatsoever in consuming food that had not onli been cooked in dollops of butter, but also serve with them! (One patron returned his Roti because there wasn’t enough butter on it!!). After a rather high-calorie meal followed by sweetmeat off the road, we returned to our guest-house.

Kesar Da Dhaba - Home to Amritsar's best food and Punjab' health problems 😉

The night at the guest house was rather uneventful – unless u consider Vini’s attempt at teaching us Malayalam (Meri-ki-Teri = Candle) or Hemali’s claims that “I’m also unwell”. All in all, we went to a bed a tired set of travellers, waiting to take on the next day.

Our next morning started later than expected, but began nonetheless. We decided to make a visit to the Golden Temple in the morning, and have breakfast at the Langarh, a community hall that served food 24 hours a day.
Our next visit to the temple was vastly different from the previous one. It was almost as if the sun brought out the true nature of the Temple, and it dazzled us!! The true glow of the marble and the gold lent the temple a rather important aura, and the kirtans in the background and the soft chants by the fellow worshippers made us realise that the essence of this holy spot was rooted in all that visited it. We skipped on a visit to the temple, owing to the large mass of ppl thronging to get their turn into the temple, and went on instead to the Langarh, for a holy breakfast. After a filling and rather spicy breakfast, we walked back through the temple premises for one last look at this divine creation by man.

The temple, with the clock tower in its background, dazzles us in the morning.
The morning captured not just the beauty of the temple, but also our smiles 🙂
The rays of the sun brought out a different perspective of the temple.

We left the city of Amritsar, enlightened by a divine presence in the temple, and hoping to be able to visit it sometime in the future again. As a token of our remembrance of the city, we bought ourselves a Kada from the temple premises, a silver bangle of religious importance. We then took off for Pragpur, a small town, home to India’s first heritage village, or so the website of the Judge’s Court claimed. The route was hilly, and full of ups, downs, curves, and a very nauseous carload of ppl. En route, we made a stop at a temple of the Devi Chintpurni, and continued our hilly journey to the small town of Pragpur.
It took us not more than a few minutes after reaching Pragpur to realise that something on that website was very very wrong – this place did not present itself with any of the regular tourist attractions, and seemed quite a drab place in itself. Nonetheless, we readied ourselves for a visit to the Judges Court, and were treated with the true reflection of Pragpur.
The Judges Court is a small resort-like offering in the middle of nowhere, catered to the tastes of those who do not prefer the noise and crowd of the regular tourist locations. The renovated residence of a retired Judge, it now serves as a beautiful location to for a heritage village. The complex of the residence itself is very large, housing the residence, the heritage village as well as large, splendid lawns to relax in. Having literally gatecrashed the venue, we decided it was onli decent to stay for dinner, and set out to explore the Victorian styled building. Spanning two floors, the building houses the visitors, and is decorated in a most exquisite style. Each room is set in a unique decor, each one more alluring than the previous. As we walked around the house clicking pics, and posing, we realised the grandeur that this villa exhibited was no less than that of a palace, as was made evident by the many chandeliers adorning the place.
As we settled into our spot in the lawns, we were immediately made to feel at home by the hosts, and the tiny bonfire that was now placed beside our stall. The entire setting was perfect, and I pulled out my Hobner, and gave the atmosphere something to sing about. A few songs later, we were all ready for a meal, and made our way to the buffet. A wholesome meal later, we sat back to enjoy the ambience this place offered. We left from the Judges Court, almost 3 hours after we set out for a “walk”, having enjoyed a lovely evening with some very friendly hosts.

An antique fireplace... waiting for us to set it ablaze!
A beautifully designed seating area
The ambience that got us singing away to glory...
Us... fooling around for the camera 🙂

As it turns out, Pragpur had nothing else to offer us other than the Judges Court, so we took off the next morning to explore McLeodganj again. En-route we stopped at the Kangra Fort, and found ourselves captivated by not the sights within the fort, but also the Himalayas that loomed on us in the distance. A small field on the way caught our attention, and our driver captured a candid moment in the fields of Himachal Pradesh.

A fun moment in the Fort
A fun moment inside the Fort

We’re having some fun “Channe ke khet mein” 😉

As the familiar sights of the McLeodganj market greeted us, we took a minute off to stare at the Himalayas that looked so close, we could almost jump right onto them.

The Himalayas peeking out at us from under the wires...

Main street McLeodganj beckoned to us and we returned to Oogos for some delicious breakfast. A while later, we set off for the Shiva temple nearby, and thereon took a small trek to the much talked-about Shiva Cafe, to chill. The 20-min trek to the Cafe took our gang almost 30 mins, owing to our tendency to stop for photos and hence, run out of break too often. Having reached the Cafe, we settled down in the dingy and dirty interiors, and decided to stay for lunch. Meanwhile, we wandered around the area and discovered that it was very close to the mouth of a mini waterfall, so we made a tiny trip to a cooling location before traipsing back into the shack for lunch. Midway through our meal, we were joined by some other batchmates of ours, who had different plans for making the trip more fun. A late lunch later, we headed back to the Main Street, in an attempt to catch the sunset from a good point.

Sunset in McLeodganj

We then visited the quiet and scenic Church of St. John in the Woods. We spent the rest of the evening exploring places that offered the local Tibetan cuisine and replaced the delicious Italian cuisine frm the morning’s breakfast with rather drab Tibetan food (Thentuk and Thumcha, if I remember ryt) at a rather overrated eatery. A quick visit to the coffee shop where another batchmate was still celebrating his birthday, and we headed back to our hotel – the same place we’d stayed in the last time as well.

Next morning started early with a visit to the Dalai Lama temple. Turns out, we just missed the Lama, cuz he’d left for Delhi just that day. Nonetheless, we visited the temple, and spun some wheels, and then took to the streets to wrap up some very-well deserved shopping. Two of us took off on a smaller trek to another small place in the town, from where we might be able to get some good views of the Himalayas. The entire trek was strewn with beautiful cedar trees on both sides, forming a seemingly scenic wallpaper that I will never get out of my mind. Thereafter, we spent some time in the Market, shopping for some souvenirs of the place that we loved so much that we visited it twice!

The route to Jalandhar was long, and our driver wagered it would not be more than 2.5 hours. So, with quite a margin, we left for the magnificent rock-cut temples. What we dint realise was that our little detour had eaten into quite a bit of our buffer time, and the winding hilly roads had eaten into some more (I think Hemali’s little love story was somewhere on this route). Reaching the small town of Hoshiarpur, we realised that we were cutting it a little too close for comfort. What followed from thereon until we reached Jalandhar Jn. can onli be described as a comic caper in hindsight. I still remember us asking Sugandha’s dad if he could hold the Shatabdi for us at Jalandhar, our anxiety as we realised we were almost surely not going to make the train, the atmosphere of tension that prevailed in the car, and the “Jab We Met” style dash that we made for the train. Reaching the platform, finding out that we JUST made it, and seeing that train roll into the platform was a feeling that none of us will ever forget, and the cries of joy that resounded on the platform also made our relief clear to the other passengers.

Back in the Shatabdi, we were a bunch of weary travellers, having travelled quite a bit in the last 4 days. The Indian Railways did a splendid job of keeping us busy throughout the journey, and ensured that we never spent more than an hour without being fed or watered. As we got off at Delhi, we were well-fed, and needed onli a bed to complete this perfect journey.

This trip was the last one that we took before we graduated and went our own ways. Nonetheless, I feel confident in saying that we will make another trip sometime soon, and add to the many memories that we’ve already gathered.

Here’s to more trips and GREAT friends. 🙂

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P.S. Remember to click on the little icon for music… took me a while to pick out some decent sounding tracks.. 😉


The A-Z of IMT…

The A-Z of IMT… THIS is what it has meant to me

A is for Alumni
the rocking old gang
u’ll never need to wait more than a year
to see them back with a bang

B is for Bhasad
that goes on behind every classroom door
and all the time in between
then and the Amphi at 4

C is for Chakravyuh
our very own sports fest
where everyone has a bunch of fun
and ur nerves and skills are put to the test

D is for DC
our trusted network aide
from where we get all the movies we need
n the producers never get paid

E is for our Exchange Program
where our campus is filled with Parisian chicks
and when our desis go abroad for a whole sem
and find ppl of different cultures with whom to mix

F is for the Football field
the one that all of us love
where cricket and footie are played side by side
the place that memories are made of

G is for Gorgeous Girls
that i know this campus will lack
but learning how to make do with those on campus
that, my friends, is a valuable knack

H is for Hot Paranthas at DLP
even at 4 in the night
and a place to chill with all ur friends
and make ur hard day seem so light

J is for J Lobby
our full-time party spot
our birthday haunt, our hang-out joint
that place has seen wat not

K is for Kapil Mohan
that horribly congested place
where we’ve spent a lot of dreadful time
during our placement days

L is for the Library
the place that most of us never visit
n if we ever dop by the place
its for an AC and a chair to sit

M is for Mehkar Singh
the most famous guy around
when the lights go off at nite
“Mehkar Singh generator chalao” is the sound

N is for Needz, our in-house store
where u can get all u need
its a not-for-profit general store
so u’re really doing a good deed

O is for the many Open Houses
that we attended day in n day out
where we keep getting our dose of bhaashan
n are told what rules not to flout

P is for Placecomm
and all its many P’s
if u can take a Panga with them
they’ll debarr u as they please

Q is for Quizzes on OLT
that we’ll never learn to max
no matter how much we’ve mugged the syllabus
and now matter how much we know the facts

R is for Roomies
the ones u can never forget
either they’ll be the best of friends
or they’ll make living on campus full of regret

S is for for the SP’s bungalow
that’s located right next to ours
from where the policemen come running
when we party in the morn’s wee hours

T is for Tyagiji
the champion of the computer lab
apart from his innovatives passwords
he’s gifted with the gift of gab

U is for uthfulness
that you’ll in plenty around here
may it be in the colorful ambience
or the many bottles of booze n beer

V is for Valmiki and Vidur
our most boring classrooms
where we’re mostly sleeping thru boring classes
and the sweepers come shoo us with brooms

W is Wi-Fi
our source of news and fun
a day without this unlimited net
JUST cannot be done

X is for the endless Xams
that we’ve written in our time here
for which we’re found cramming the night before
n never during the rest of the year

Z is for Zephyr
our online source of fun
be it movies, files or software
there’s nowhere else to run

Y is for Yellow
the colour of our convocation robe
the colour that’ll be streaked across the skies
when we take over the globe

And I is for IMT…
the place that truly rocked
we all got so close to it
it left our parents shocked.

And even as we leave this place
we make ourselves a little vow
that forever the fabric that bind us together
is nothing but “IMT Aao”

New Year – yet again!!

This year truly has flown by… the semester flew by, exams rushed by (they’re still rushing by…), placement season ran by… it’s been a rollercoaster year for sure.

Some things I will always remember from 2009 include:

1. Getting placed!!! Not that it’s my first try at a job… but it feels good nonetheless.
2. Breaking my vow of an almost chocolate-less last year.
3. Winter of ’09 in Ghaziabad… it’s been so chilly already, I cant wait for Chakravyuh when we will be freezing our a**es off in the cold.
4. Summer of ’09… it’s had many wonderful memories, some that I hope never to forget in my lifetime… 🙂
5. My last hand at mid-term examinations.. and my last serious attempt at examinations altogether.
6. Tapu… my roomie, my friend, my sister… not that she wont be around in ’10… but I’ll remember 09 as the year when she turned from roommate to friend to family.
7. Chakravyuh. In more ways than one, it’ll be the event that brought me close to many ppl, realised my dream of playing again, and made me feel my true worth. Winning, of course, was an add-on.
8. The MANY birthdays that we celebrated in earnest and with a great BANG this year! Kudos to the whole gang for making this a year of very memorable birthdays (and other parties, lunches, dinners etc.)
9. Getting back to blogging. I spent the whole summer, and a lot of time after on m many blogs… and while I’m not too sure I can keep it up, 09 was a year that I spent more online than offline.

I could write a list that spanned a 100 things… but these will remain the top 9 of ’09 for me.

Many ppl will spend this time of the year reminiscing about their year in photos, FB statuses, Tweets… but this year has been one that has had many implications for me. It’s been a year when I’ve spent time building my career, cherishing my student status… and yet yearning to get back to the real big bad world.

Here’s hoping that everyone relives their year in these last few days, makes the most of those best memories, and gets all they wish from this new year. Let’s ring in this New Year with hope.. Hope that the stains of last year may be washed away, that the tears of the year gone by are replaced with guffaws of laughter from this new one, that old friends remember to hang on for yet another year, that those old flames remember u, that life may be less ‘complicated’ this year, that some friends may get a (new) job. Let’s all hope… not just for ourselves, but also for those we care so much about; let’s make 2010 a Year that’s all about the ppl we care about.. let’s make it a year for Friends – both long lost and those that we spend much time with.

A new year… A new start…?

Second year at B-School, and I have to admit not much has changed.
Well yea, I moved to a new lobby. But it’s still the same roomie. 😉
Yea, we’re the senior batch, but I’m still younger than most of the ppl on campus.
Yea, I’m pursuing my Majors in Finance, but I still got the same rusty guys teaching me stuff they taught me last year.
Yea I completed my Summer Internship at Mahindra, but I still gotta fill the same form (read: 5 pages and exhaustive) AGAIN.
Yea the amphi parties have onli just begun, but ppl still get as drunk as they did last year.

SO what really changed in this year…?

For one, the landscape (and the guys in the batch DEFINITELY enjoy this scenery more) 😀
Also, the economy. It’s looking a lot less gloomier than last year, when our beloved seniors were fighting hard to land the comfy jobs. I’m hoping that we dont need to fight as much… but that’s another story altogether.
What’s also changed is our mindset. One year down, we’re a lot more prepared – for pulling all-nighters to submit an assignment that we could have easily panned out over 3 days; for amphi parties where we get so drunk  we dont remember WHO got us back to the room; for exams that STILL mess with our confidence levels, but that we dont really care too much about neway; for the roomie asking you to wake her up for the 12 pm class, as she slides into the bed at 10 am; for the days when u go “Oh SHOOT, I’ve missed 4 classes now I’ve just GOT to get to this one”. For practically nething that gets thrown our way.

But what will never change, is our spirit. We’ll never change from being the fiery batch of 420 who fought so hard to floorspace at the Fresher’s Party. We’ll never change from the being the batch that revolutionised student life on campus. We’ll never change from being the dynamic batch of 120 Fin students whom the rest of the batch always look to as the “nerds who are be herded around the library”. We’ll never change from being the batch of 60 who’ve sent teachers out of the class wondering “How, dear god, HOW did I get into this?”.

I’ll never change being the person who can make even the simplest of statements sound like an eloquent statement of facts that even the keenest of individuals can be befuddled by the sheer weight of words used. My friends will never stop being the ppl who’ll call me at 3 am (perfectly decent time on campus I must add) to say “Chal Chai peete hain” (Cmon, Let’s have a cuppa tea). Tapu will never stop waking me for the 10 am class (aided by the faithful neighbour-next-door and the ‘Branded Food‘ down the hall). My mom will never quit asking me if my day went well, even if she KNOWS she’s calling me at 4 pm, when I’m deep in slumber and I dont know a word of what she’s saying. My bro will never, EVER, send me nething for Rakhi (an Indian tradition where the brother…well, coughs up some cash in return for a string on the wrist that says “You’re a Bro”) on account of that fact that I keep forgetting to send him one. Rishi will never remember that it’s Rakhi. Raj always will :D. Suns will still have quirky (and interesting) one liners as her status msg. Payal will still never be found online. Tanu will still complain that I never meet her when I’m in Mumbai. DJ will STILL cuss about it to me. Mittersain will still say her day’s been “blah” (btw, u shud copyright that word fast, it’s catching on). MC will still make loud noises while typing out surprisingly short mails and IMs on his hilariously ancient computer (God bless it’s soul).
And I will never stop thanking them for being what they are to me.
And yea, I will continue to befoul them on internet. On my blog. And via my notes. 😀

1 down, 1 to go….

1 year down in B-School… and this is all that comes to my mind.

I just thought I’d wrap the year up with a list of thoughts that cross my mind. They’re pretty much arbit, so dont read much into them.

1. I’m gonna miss I Lobby. Even with the very inconvenient location and extreme weather conditions, it was a lovely place to be in – it was home to me for the past year. Luckily, every1 is moving with me to H Lobby, so at least the ppl I’m not gonna miss. Vini, of course, I’ll miss you, and Megha… well I never knew u to miss u… hehe

2. I’m gonna miss the no-tension life that I’ve had this past year. The next year is going to be largely tension ridden – the summers, with the pressure of bagging a PPO, the 4th sem with the GPA crunching, placements yada yada… This year has been more or less fun – a very fun filled term 1, followed by gr8 fun in term 2 and topped up with SP Jain and Chakravyuh in Term 3. Next year – there’ll be a shadow hanging over my head…. not one that I like too much….

3. This next year will be a year to set examples – for the incoming batch, for ourselves and to beat those set for us by our seniors. It’ll be a year where we HAVE to act all grown up and mature – can’t afford to be the kids that we really want to be, or fool around as much. In short, we got to grow up.

4. I think I’ll miss all those classes. And those ppl in them. And those ppl not in them. Shrey, for barely turning up in class. Serpant King, for turning up and promptly finding a spot to doze off. Tambe, for turning up, and finding a spot to fire up his laptop to do some bhasad. Ratz, for finding a spot to turn his laptop on and WORK (but I have to admit his frequent reminders were a good help this trimester!!).Shruti Di, for her recordings in Bhattacharya’s class (which I never used btw…). Chucky, for her top class BE notes (which circulated around HALF the college!!). Somal, for pure fun in the class. Shitij and Faraz, for those purely entertaining presentations (particularly remember the one presentation in the class where the prof was the purely irritated that the two boys were making the fun of her, and of the so many countries that they had in their the ppt).Sugandha, for those awesome arguments with a particularly racist prof. Suchit, for those looooong and winding presentations. Vimmi, for those super-paced ones. Mr. Champak, a prof with a bad sense of humour and a very clever 4 year old. That projector, which has ruined MANY of my decently made presentations with its USELESS contrast settings. That class, for the many memories that I connect to it.

5. I look forward to electives – finally a chance where we get to choose what we DONT want to study (no offence to HR kids, but WHO IN THE WORLD will want to study IR??!) I am looking forward to some interesting profs, and some interesting subjects, and a possible chance to add to wat I know.

6. Looking forward to 5th and 6th sem to “livin la vida loca”. (Assuming of course that I get placed by then…). Looking forward to the next Chakravyuh, and many more visits.

7. Memories of the Agra trip, Jaipur Trip and McLeodganj trip will always remain to cherish. It’s a different kinda feeling roaming a new city with ppl u kno… ppl that u like enjoying with. Looking forward to many more trips with friends.

8. I’m gonna miss the group study sessions a lot. Anki, dozing off OPEN EYED and going… “Haan sun rahi hoon…”(Yes.. I’m listening). Hemali going “Yaar… mujhe kuch samajh nahi aa raha” (Dude… I dont get ne of this). Prags going “Chal… yaad karne ke liye story banaate hain” (Let’s make a mnemonic story outta it) An anonymous individual who once said “Chod yaar… pharre banaa kar le jaate hain” (Fget it dude… let’s make scraps outta it and take em along). Those sessions of accounts in the basement, those MIS sessions in G Lobby, those BRM sessions in Pragi’s room (with the hilarious stories on Soni and the 7 Ss), those marketing sessions… all have some gr8 memories attached.

9. I’m gonna miss those project sessions. With me sleeping. With no1 working till 3 am. Working till 8 am n presenting at 8 30. Working WHILE sum1 else is presenting. MAKING UP stuff on the spot. REPORTS with pure crap in em. Running around to get em printed. And most of all… the value-add sessions while actually WORKING on the project.

A lot many more things to miss are gonna crop up as I think more about it. And that’s probably how B-School is – more about the memories than about anything else. 
What I’m probably gonna miss most, as I did all my life, are my friends. The ones that I spent so much time making, and caring for. The ones that I can so easily lose if I do nothing to keep a friendship in place. The ones that I made really fast, and could also lose really fast.
Shrek, for his “cuteness” factor. For his basketball ke nakhre. For his awesome value adds during a presentation.
Soni, for his flirtatious ways and his horrendous choice in songs. For his one and onli dance step. For his gyaan on how everything can be set right.
AP, for Anarkali. And Monica Daaaaarling. And being the butt of soooo many jokes. Basically, for just being AP..;)
Prags, for having a mature streak in her otherwise kiddish mannerisms. For those AWESOME mnemonics. For those late night talks about nothing in particular, and everything in general.
Kapi, for nt having that mature streak 😉 For being a gr8 baddi partner. For being so much fun to be around. For her insanely cute innocence that I’m always gonna adore.
Mon, for being Mughal-E-Azam and such a daaaaarlin. For those MIS sessions without which I may nt have survived. For a throwball match that was KICK ASS.
Kaj, for being good entertainment. And a patient listener. And more than nething, for her car..;)
Doc, for his many insightful thots and Little Johnny jokes. For his intellectual comments. For his value adds.  
Shruti Di, for being the ultimate sister figure to look up to. And for being soooo cute. 🙂 
Maggie, for being AWESOMELY cute. And so much of a hangover of Mumbai. And a gr8 person to get to know.
DVD, for being the ROCKING mother figure of the wing. For her late nigt daaru sessions. For her not-so-late-night gyaan about how screwed up my life is. 
Anki, for being the mother figure that ALWAYS had a word to say, and a telephone to say it on 😉 For being an amazingly honest person to know.
Vini, for her really cute attires ( ahem… one particular piece that I adore, but that’s not really public knowledge). For her cute Hindi statements (which are getting better). For her peculiar sense of humour. And her CAKES 😀
And Tapu, for being the roomie who made sure I had a gr8 time this year – for being patient when I got back really late at night to teach her FM (which I never got around to teaching her at all), for being a wonderful singer to jam with, for the exams of the last trimester when she taught me EVERY subject at some point before the exam (and for her notes as well), for tidying the room up ever so often. For being a good friend.

WOW. This has gotten longer than I expected. But it pretty much sums up the year that has been. The year that was full of fun and frolic and amazing friends. The year that was another shot at academic life. The year that was my first away from home. The year our seniors graduated – some with the happiness of a good job, some with grim expectations of what the year held for them. The year that we learnt to be students again. The year I made memories for a lifetime. The year that was the Academic Year of 2008-09.

Ghazi ventures – Part 1 of many to come…

One of our most eventful nites and I couldn’t help but pen it down.

It started around 8 30, with us hurrying to East Delhi in AP’s car to drop off some clothes at Kajal’s friends’. Post that, we drove, thru HEAVY traffic to Noida, to pick up Shrey. We decided to stop midway for dinner, since we souls from college hadn’t found time to feed our groaning tummies. Special mention shall be made of the AWESOME Gobhi Paratha, that I myself consumed a huge chunk of. We were on our way back, and Avi’s call patched thru to Kaj. The usual ‘aww you can come meet me’ requests followed. We lissened. Quietly. Then acted.. 😀

A U-turn from halfway to college, we decided to head back into Delhi, to meet Avi at IIT-Delhi. Mind you, it was already way past 11 30 or so, so we were wayyy past deadline in college. Nonetheless, we reached her campus, battling heavy traffic and trucks and barricades along the way, to end up below her building; only to find her utterly shocked that we had turned up at her doorstep. After a minute of ‘Oh My God!!s, it sank in that we were really at her place, and that she really had to show us around. As you wud already kno, any IIT campus, is not really nutshell sized. So she began with a tour of the most interesting place – the Nescafe; the lifeline of every residential college. The nite wore on wid a few teas, coffees and some verrry uncrackable PJs.. special mention to be made of the Little Johnny jokes.. .;)

Somewhere about now, Avi gets a brainwave that we can get on to her rooftop, and chill there NOISELESSLY. We agree; she assumes we agree to the silence clause as well. So we land up on her rooftop, not all that well dressed for the slight chill that was already creeping into the nite. Somewhere between the Nescafe and the rooftop, Kaj had her own adventreu, that I consider too personal to pen down.

Part 1 of our adventure begins here. A couple of minutes on the roof, and 2 surly looking guards corner us on the roof and forced us downstairs. One bloke was so thick, he wasn’t even willing to listen that Avi in fact LIVED in the same building. Another bandha, whom I will refer to as good bandha, at least heard our part of the story out – that we weren’t drunk, we weren’t up to no good (definition of good in UP and Delhi is so GOOD…), and that we in fact had no idea that the rooftop was out of bounds to us. Bloke 1 still refuses to hear us out, and Shrey and AP, our gallant heroes, rush to our rescue and swoop down on him. They cornered him, literally… (the term I wud use here is kopche mein le gaye…)and tried to get our version of the story across. For some reason the bloke, who apparently was a new entrant in the security division, had obviously never seen Avi before, and was just trying to harass her. Our knights in shining armor have made all readiness to bribe our bloke, when good bandha intervenes and decides that its time our sweet party broke up and that we left campus. We agreed, assuming that the matter would end right there. Bloke had other plans tho… just as we were leaving, he accosted Shrek, and insisted on calling Avi’s parents to lay some claim on the story. Very aware that this nite-time venture was definitely not plan of our good friends’ parents’ idea of an ideal holiday, Shrek tried to worm his way out of the situation. Worried that Shrek might actually BE in more trouble, our college negotiator, SAC member, Soni rushes to the spot, only to be brushed off by bloke. Worried that it’s getting too late, and the matter’s getting outta hand, AP rushes to assist Shrek, and is promptly shooed off. Shrek appears a few minutes later, running towards the car, with a look of relief that says “All’s been sorted out..”. We are later privy to his illusive tactics…

“Main aapka chota bhai hoon. Is naate se chod deejiye humein. ” (Accompanied wid innocent face)

“Hum vaada karte hain aisa dobaara KABHI nahi hoga.” (Innocent face attack part II. Here bloke suggests we SETTLE the matter)

“agli baar hum yahaan aayenge to aapko kaise bhoolenge… aap ke liye zaoor kuch laayenge.”

Part 2 of our adventure begins almost where part 1 ends. On the way to Comesome’s, which is all Kaj could think off in the dead of the nite, we somehow manage to convince Avi that all’s OK, and that she is safe, her house is safe, her aatma-samman is safe. Obviously, she is far from convinced; but we had to try neway dint we 😉

A not so long journey later, we reach Nizamuddin Station, which houses Comesum, both on the platform, and in a location just outside of it. As luck would have it, we were on the side where neither outlet was, and we had to walk a distance to the station, and then could only manage to make our way to the outlet on the platform. The paranoid kids that we were, we decided to play the ideal citizens, and try buying ourselves a platform ticket. As per regulations in Delhi, no platform tickets will be sold till Nov 15th, for security reasons. The studs that we were, we decided to go neway, since we were hungry. Checkpost looms. Policeman watches 5 very carefree students glide past him.

“Accha kahaan ja rahe ho aap..??”

And if the events of the nite weren’t enough, we had to explain to THIS policeman, how we hungry students from Delhi, who study in an insti in Ghaziabad, need only to eat and care nothing else about this world. He refused to admit we were students; apparently jeans and tees on a chilly nite weren’t proof enough. So my ID card was left as collateral, while we were meant to traipse to the joint, eat and traipse right back as soon as we could. We literally RAN to the food joint, and ordered whatever we could get for ourselves in as little time as possible. Minutes turned to seconds, as 3 plates of wada-sambhar disappeared before my eyes. We packed a few sandwiches, eats and drinks, and left for our car.

Not knowing that our luck couldn’t get any worse, we were stopped on the platform by a TC. The faces that showed on all 5 people were the same – we’ve have ENOUGH for the nite Sir… if we can find someplace to crash, we would. LET US GO!! He let us go, without fighting at all. After retrieving my ID card with another settlement, we headed back to the car, with the hope that our luck don’t get any worse, and we find the car missing, or some other factor of luck work against us.

Satisfied that nothing else could go wrong with the nite, which was incidentally now around 4 30, we headed back into Ghaziabad. Throughout the journey, we tried hunting for some decent entertainment on the radio and were rewarded every few minutes or so with songs that we could sing (Aditi…), or ones that we could hum along. Thanks to some terrific driving by our very F2 aspirant AP, we reached college sometime before 5. The watchmen and we were both so tired, for very different reasons, and fgot to enter and announce our entry back into college.

People in the story will realise that are very many tidbits missing from the story… the ice-cream, the radio discussion, the kathi roll walla, the kababs… I chose not to mention them for 2 reasons a) they weren’t all that relevant to the context of the nite and b) they dint fit into the storyline as smooth as all these other events did. However, for a reader, this is an eye-witness account of the nite that was the 18th of October.

Comments and suggestions are welcome… 🙂

Baramati Rocked

Yeah well, thts an understatement as well. It was over amazing!!!! All the 3 days at Baramati were soooo awesome, and all of us frm class were together and having sooo much fun tht the work we did during the day barely hit us. For those who dint cum to Baramati, I’ll gv u a blow-by-blow a/c of wat happened. The bus journey was barely fun, since we were energetic onli in the beginning and later on, we kinda became bored of the same uncomfortable position in the bus. The onli highlight during the travel was the climb on the bus, when Sapna Mam actually got super wild at us, n Malki was damn cool abt us on the bus!!!

Neway, we started with the Dairy, after which I vowed NEVER to touch ne of the packaged milk again. The Dairy stank of the milk (obviously), but the Lassi and the Chaas smelt a lot better. After the Dairy, we went for lunch after which we went over to a place for a lecture on Agri Marketing. Thn, we went over to Rohit’s FarmArea for this Agri tourism visit – and it was simply amazing. Quite, Lush green – it was sumthin we Mumbaiites barely c. And the highlight was the Bullock Cart Ride, with the sugarcane. And I still cant figure out hw Bhavesh n Avinash ate up their gannas soo fast!!! After tht, we went to the highlight of the day – the Dahi Handi. The challenge tht it was, kudos to the guys for getting it in 3 gos (special mention of our Batallion leader Dwarka who marshalled the whole thing). And after a looong day, we headed to Rohit’s Farmhouse for Dinner. And if u thot this was whr our day ended…u r wrong. The party tht followed rocked!!! And it was onli arnd 1 tht we packed up for the hotel. Even after checking in, our “deeds” on the terrace till 2 30 are too censored to mention here.

Next morning we continued our visits to sum more places. In the evening, we visited the Rural Market, which was an eye opener. And Rohit with the Pagdi was just amazzzzing.(I’ll put tht pic up in a while if I find it…). Thn we headed to Rohit’s for dinner, in traditional attire. And after an amazing dinner, great fun with the teachers after dinner and a lonnng way into the nite we headed back to the Hotel, onli for another nite of partying, n this time we partied all the way till 3 in the morning.

And thn the craziness began. Guys screaming all over, foam sprays, teachers stepping into ppls room at 4 30…kinda unsettling at the last moment, but fun nonetheless. Next morning, we were really very subdued, obv as an after effect of the nite before, and tht fact tht every1 hadnt slept the nite (or had slept an hr or so…). Still, we saw stuff, took very little in, but stayed awake almost 50% (averaging all students)… And thn we headed back for bby.

Nt a lot, many of u wud say, but to us, the trip was an amazing experience. Not onli cuz we had soo much fun, but also bcuz, we also learnt a bit. N being our grad yr, it was a golden chance the whole class together – and it was amazing.

Thanks a tonne to Rohit, for getting the whole thing together. All our faculty, for cumin along (or we wudnt be allowed to go…), and yeah – to the whole batch for making the experience soo special.

Adios till my nxt blog…