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Aiyer vs Admin Guys – The Epilogue

Since posting on Saturday, not much has changed at the office. I dint expect it to. But it sounded like a follow up post, so here goes.

The food probably still has insects in em. I wouldn’t know. I carry food to work everyday now. In fact, I get to office a good 15 mins late cuz I piss my mom off as she packs my lunch for me, so I wont have to eat at the canteen. But the foods still the same. And the senior official cant give a damn about it (his wife must pack him lunch, so he doesn’t really know does he).

The stupid IT Guys have still blocked most sites. They’re now inundated with a good 50 mails each hour with requests to unblock sites. I pray for the day when they realise that Investment Bankers have models to finish, and Info Memos to proof-read, and sending mails to report legal sites to unblock are not part of their job profile.

My ancient desktop computer refused to respond to me only yesterday (yet again). And, yet again, the IT guys’ response is the same – Pls Restart the computer. When I told him that I’d already tried it, his response dint surprise me at all – Restart it again… By the time its’ restarted, I’ll b thr. (suggesting that a restart is more of a recreational activity). Sigh. If they would get a little more efficient, work satisfaction would increase exponentially.
(Soon after the damn thing stopped doing nething, and it was left to me to tell the IT guy to consider a format. He sez ok and turns up at my cubicle with his fone. And without the windows CD. (Sigh) No comments.)

In other news, we discovered Godzilla-sized rats in our office the other day (they were hiding in the drawer where our keyboards are) and the reaction was unanimously noisy. With yet another mail to the admin guys, the reply was the same – “Pest Control will be done”. Another colleague came up with the idea of trapping some rats in a flypaper, and leaving them in our senior management’s cabins – so they know their pest control doesn’t work. (That’s still a WIP project; updates on that will follow soon)

P.S. I’m sure everyone who’s ever worked would have similar horror stories, so what I’ve narrated can hardly be described as novel. It is, however, heartfelt.bbtt


Aiyer vs Admin Guys – The Office Wars

I generally start the New Year with a chirpy post (not that this one will not be chirpy), but I chose a rather off-beat yet personally (and professionally) relevant topic instead. (Okay, Bull. I just wanted to vent. There. Satisfied you annoying little conscience!!)

My workplace has  an IT policy that allows restricted use of the internet, as do most workplaces (my friends at MakeMyTrip.com and some other places are luckier, but let’s not even go there for now). So I can access Google and Yahoo and Rediff, but I can’t access Youtube or Facebook or most “fun” sites. Normally, that’s ok; I mean I am supposed to work, but it would have helped if an organisation doesn’t treat its 20-something employees like they’re teenagers. And our IT department seems to employ a bunch of people who can’t tell you how to get your damn mail account fixed but can somehow come up with more and more sites to block. (Other than responding “Please restart and try, their advice is generally squat; people in the cubicles across me know more than them. And THAT’s saying a lot – I work in an Investment Bank full of CAs and MBAs whose knowledge of the computer is limited to Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V and Alt+Ctrl+Del). Initially, I was a little curious, so I tried some known proxies, and some other known methods, but they all failed. The scoreline thus far read: Aiyer 0 – IT Guys 1.

But I dont give up that easy do I. Once in a while, I indulge, and discover other (read: nefarious) means to access some sites (read: Facebook). It works currently only for some sites (read: Facebook), but that’s more than enough for me. I also figured out a way to actually SEND mail from my Gmail account (normally that isn’t allowed, but from necessity stems pure genius 😉). The scoreline now read Aiyer 1: IT Guys 1. Suck it 😛

And then they play a New Year prank (I’d hope it was just a one day prank… some of the sites they blocked were actually business sites. It wasnt.) on me. They block every single known (and unknown) proxy. They even block most legal sites with a remotely blockable angle (Rediff, Indiatimes, hell, even some corporate websites). At first I thought it was some silly mistake. So I check, and re-check my URLs. The damn screen still reads Blocked. And then my focus shifts to the category… the one that read “Clothing”.
My instant reaction – a burst of laughter that had my whole team run to my cubicle thinking I had actually done something very very wrong (my reaction to a very very wrong action is generally extreme bouts of laughter). And then they saw the frozen screen and burst into laughter themselves.
“Clothing”. Really??! (This btw was the category for a site that was for a company in another space altogether) IT Guys they can play pranks alright. Aiyer 1 – IT Guys 2. Game on!! (Some other “odd” categories included Cooking, Food, Gardening, Jewelry and, can you believe this, Porn!!)

And you know how I beat them? By accessing Facebook, with no proxy server. From my phone. (Nyaa na na naa naah)
Aiyer 2 – IT Guys 2. Catch up suckers 😛

Elsewhere, the cook was busy adding additional value to my food by enhancing its otherwise absent calorific value by adding live insects to it. I complained, like the college kid that I was so used to being, to the head of the canteen. He gave me a non-committal shrug with a “what to do maydam”. At that point the banker in me took over (I’m proudly an investment banker, but our parent organisation is a bank, so the culture rub-off is unavoidable and I shot a rather hilarious yet critiquing mail to the head of the Admin department explaining the situation to him. I thought the scoreline would now read Aiyer 3 – Admin/IT Guys 2 and I would triumph at the end of the week. Sadly, the rather senior official replied with a “Thanks for the feedback. Will ensure pest control” and I had to do everything I could to not keep myself from falling off the chair from laughing too hard. The IT Guys dint win this one, but apparently neither had I. Aiyer 2 – IT Guys 2. In another discussion, this very official had commented “The food here is so much better than at the bank”. Sir, if a bank official found floating insects in his meal, he would’ve ensured heads rolled for it… Thank god we’re Investment bankers who spend time working (and free time blogging abt it ;))

P.S. It’s been 3 days and I can’t get my work done because of these stupid blocks. The scoreline reads Aiyer 2 – IT Guys 3. But I’m pissed now fellas. And you WONT like me when I get mad.
P.P.S. On the 4th day, I sent a mail to the IT head with a cc to every senior official in the organisation asking them if such strict vigilence is required in an Investment Bank whr employees neway have very little time to do even their work, let alone google for obscure websites about Gardening and Clothing. Response is awaited. Aiyer 2.5 – IT Guys 3. I’ll get u geeks.

Back to office…

It has been a relatively quiet life for me the last few days… no noise around me, a soothing air conditioned environment, the soft tapping of keyboards, the soft beeping of printing machines… the office is back in my life..!!

Monday the 12th began quite serenely – a quick meeting with the HR, and I was ready to meet my bosses and my team. Enter my boss and VP, M&A. My team is an all-girl team, and seems to be doing utterly well. Having just concluded a high-ticket deal, the team was more than willing to include a lowly, rather rusty me in their midst. My Manager and immediate senior explains the ropes to me, and then introduces me to the rest of the team. And, just as simple as that, my day ended. I had little work to do in the day, and to top it all, I got a ride all the way back home, so I ended the day a content little kid joinee. 🙂

Day 2 was just the same, only with some work thrown in. Day 3 was Ambedkar Jayanti. 🙂 Day 4 was light, with me heading back home a little early to take care of affairs at home. And Day 5, i.e. today… well, u can imagine how its going. 😉

More on office and office life later…

Office TP

Its that time of the year when u realise that u had vowed to blog often, n it hits that u that u havent been upto it at all. So to make amends to that, and bore some ppl, I’ve decided to hit the blogosphere today.

Another Monday morning gets me thinking that my life REALLY needs a facelift. I mean from home to office is all I really do, and with me getting GROUNDED :(, life’s onli seeming to get worse. Nonetheless, I thought I shud write abt my life, or lack of it as of now.

Office life is quite fun, with easy hours and easy work. Since I spend most of my time in the day actually looking for work to do, Im playing the chill game to the core. Had some fun over the week touring neighbouring areas for a project, and ended up getting some good sleep over the week. The weekend brought on the party (and the subsequent grounding), so I had all of the next 2 days to drown in the misery that I had dropped myself into.

This week Im looking forward to some break in boredom, hopefully, with some friends flying down and some friends flying out. Looking fwd to the anniversary party coming up, and DEFINITELY to some more TV time, since there’s this new show ‘Life’ that Im looking to catch.

Until some more news, and some more literary ventures, Im off for lunch 🙂

In Office

Office is a hectic place to be at..n i mean it. Today was expiry day, when the volumes are so high that every available trader works at top capacity. So much so that even me, who was onli training, dint get enuf time out during the day for lunch. The situation in the dealing room is so tense that u dont even wanna leave for fear of missing sumthing u’d wanna see.

It was fun making mistakes, n rectifying them, n seeing the action in the dealing room. It was not so fun having fun at 4. It was fun to have sumthin to do today; it was not so fun when I had to do it too fast to handle.

All in all – A good day; very worthwhile day; but not sustainable until expiry day next month.

So stay put for sum more updates