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Apparently programming and poetry have something in common

Oh and gaming too.

I aint judging.

Poetry. Programming. Gaming. Whodda thunk.
Poetry. Programming. Gaming.
Whodda thunk.

New old poem

I was digging through some of my old mails as I was journeying home (I travel for about 2 hours in one direction, and sometimes old mails are quite entertaining; besides I realised I’m using almost 90% of the humongous space that Gmail provides me with, and I decided it was time to clean up) and I found this piece that I had written during a class (From the date on the mail, the words in the post and the sound of it all, I’m guessing it was wayyy back in school or in early college) Obviously, my classroom fostered my creative side far more than my office does, but I thought it would be worth a post.

Here’s presenting a yet untitled poem.

I never meant to say those words
I never meant to hurt u so
I never meant to lose u
I never meant to let u go

One look at u
n i feel myself melt away
one glance at ur eyes
and I recall that day

I saw u walk by me
never giving me a glance
the apple of everyone’s eyes
I never stood a chance

When u first said those words to me
I almost fainted with joy
I wanted to fall into ur arms
into the arms of my dream boy

The moments we shared
The love that grew
it was like nothing I knew before
a feeling that was new

But it told me nothing of the tomorrow
when we wud be apart
when every word u said
would draw gaping holes in my heart

But today I am wiser
for I heave learnt my share
I’ve learnt that love hurts
I know now that love is unfair

Yet even today, you’re on my mind
as I lay to rest, I dream of u
my mind n heart are in conflict
and i dont know what I must do

I know I was a complete fool
When I said I saw no future in U n me
and if I had the chance to right that wrong
I’d want to find out if it could’ve been “We”

But I never meant to say those words
I never meant to hurt u so
But I never meant to lose u
I never meant to let u go

P.S. I think this poem is still incomplete… suggestions to make it sound complete are more than welcome

I’m gonna be alright…

Another one of em Facebook poems that are made by comments… this one’s a little different, in that it came by in sets of 4, rather than 2… so the continuity is a lot more. Nonetheless, it’s a poem, and I’ve gone ahead and named it “I’m gonna be alright”


I must learn to distance myself from my past,
I must teach my soul to last;
I know it will be a crazy fight,
But you know what, I think I’ll be alright!!

I must be the light I wish to see
I must hold my roots like a mighty tree
I know it’ll take the breath out of me
But in the end, i’ll be what I’m meant to be…

There are facets of me that I must free,
Dreams unfulfilled that may never be;
No matter how hard I must take that dive,
Thats the way I must learn to survive.

Those bars that cage me, I will break;
Those dreams they razed, i will remake.
I remember those times, I cried in strife;
But you know what, I think I’ll be alright.

The world at large will make fun of me,
They dont see the mystery that I still see;
But I’ll hang on, put on a brave face,
Till I find that mystery, I wont rest my case.

I’m the flowing water, you cannot hold;
And the antique wares, that you once sold.
It’s my time now, and you can’t stop me;
I’m done with being all you wanted me to be…

Those days of pretending are history,
In a short while, u’ll get to know the real me;
I know it may be a reality bite,
But you know what, you’ll be alright 😉

New Poem – Courtesy Facebook Comments

So I had some free time to myself for some part of yesterday, and I took to commenting on a friend’s status (yea that’s what really bored people do nowadays on Facebook…). And in the course of the day, we strung along a rather fun piece of poetry. Since it sounded so good I thought I’d put it in one place. Presenting to you “Me v/s Myself” by Sam, Navraj, Karen and yours truly.

And if you look at your reflection…Is it all you wanted to be?
Look at the stranger facing you… Do you like what you see…?

Would you rather be someone else… Or do you want a second look?
Or would you fight to be yourself… no matter what it took?

They will tear your dreams apart… will you still bend to pick them up?
Or will you let those pieces fall where they may, and dream another one up?

Will you have the courage to look up… look into the eyes of what you’ve become?
Will you be able to drown out those alien voices, that are no longer a silent hum?

Or will you keep your head firm on your shoulders… and herald yourself a new dawn?
Would you live life king size… or end up like a pawn? / and be not a reflection of all the changes that you have undergone

Will you still see the laughter? And the innocence that still remains…
Will your eyes still light up a whole house, at the sight of the season’s first rains…

Will you still dare to love again… with all the pieces of your heart that you’ve got now?
Will your heart bear the leap of joy that comes with a wedding vow…

Will you let the setting sun light up the days of your life?
Or will you become another loner, who’s life is torn apart by strife…?

Will you let someone touch your life again… or will you let your ego rule?
Will you make a sage of youself, or will you remain a fool…

And when they try to loot you once again…Will you run away or will you fight?
Will you walk down that easy path, or will you trudge through the one that’s right?

Because when the darkness falls it will engulf you strength and all…
And it will be the strength of your conviction that will save you when you fall…

And then you can rise again, show the world what they failed to believe…
Believe what was and now is… believe in me

The A-Z of IMT…

The A-Z of IMT… THIS is what it has meant to me

A is for Alumni
the rocking old gang
u’ll never need to wait more than a year
to see them back with a bang

B is for Bhasad
that goes on behind every classroom door
and all the time in between
then and the Amphi at 4

C is for Chakravyuh
our very own sports fest
where everyone has a bunch of fun
and ur nerves and skills are put to the test

D is for DC
our trusted network aide
from where we get all the movies we need
n the producers never get paid

E is for our Exchange Program
where our campus is filled with Parisian chicks
and when our desis go abroad for a whole sem
and find ppl of different cultures with whom to mix

F is for the Football field
the one that all of us love
where cricket and footie are played side by side
the place that memories are made of

G is for Gorgeous Girls
that i know this campus will lack
but learning how to make do with those on campus
that, my friends, is a valuable knack

H is for Hot Paranthas at DLP
even at 4 in the night
and a place to chill with all ur friends
and make ur hard day seem so light

J is for J Lobby
our full-time party spot
our birthday haunt, our hang-out joint
that place has seen wat not

K is for Kapil Mohan
that horribly congested place
where we’ve spent a lot of dreadful time
during our placement days

L is for the Library
the place that most of us never visit
n if we ever dop by the place
its for an AC and a chair to sit

M is for Mehkar Singh
the most famous guy around
when the lights go off at nite
“Mehkar Singh generator chalao” is the sound

N is for Needz, our in-house store
where u can get all u need
its a not-for-profit general store
so u’re really doing a good deed

O is for the many Open Houses
that we attended day in n day out
where we keep getting our dose of bhaashan
n are told what rules not to flout

P is for Placecomm
and all its many P’s
if u can take a Panga with them
they’ll debarr u as they please

Q is for Quizzes on OLT
that we’ll never learn to max
no matter how much we’ve mugged the syllabus
and now matter how much we know the facts

R is for Roomies
the ones u can never forget
either they’ll be the best of friends
or they’ll make living on campus full of regret

S is for for the SP’s bungalow
that’s located right next to ours
from where the policemen come running
when we party in the morn’s wee hours

T is for Tyagiji
the champion of the computer lab
apart from his innovatives passwords
he’s gifted with the gift of gab

U is for uthfulness
that you’ll in plenty around here
may it be in the colorful ambience
or the many bottles of booze n beer

V is for Valmiki and Vidur
our most boring classrooms
where we’re mostly sleeping thru boring classes
and the sweepers come shoo us with brooms

W is Wi-Fi
our source of news and fun
a day without this unlimited net
JUST cannot be done

X is for the endless Xams
that we’ve written in our time here
for which we’re found cramming the night before
n never during the rest of the year

Z is for Zephyr
our online source of fun
be it movies, files or software
there’s nowhere else to run

Y is for Yellow
the colour of our convocation robe
the colour that’ll be streaked across the skies
when we take over the globe

And I is for IMT…
the place that truly rocked
we all got so close to it
it left our parents shocked.

And even as we leave this place
we make ourselves a little vow
that forever the fabric that bind us together
is nothing but “IMT Aao”

Long sabbatical

Its been a real long time since I blogged, considering I had CAT, the interviews, my new job… the entire hustle just dint leave me with ne time to blog; so minutes before Bionic Woman, I just decided to blog.
CAT was a decent affair, and so’s my new job with KPMG – The Advisory Service is probably the best area for me to work in.. a good profile and decent work hours makes it a formidable place to be in..

As for the real blog… I just wrote sumthin today that I really had to post – being a tad different from what I usually do, its sumthin that I really am looking forward to, in terms of comments
The poem is titled Black and White

I look at world around me
onli to find a wall
a wall that was there for everyone to see
a wall that stood strong and tall

it was, i think, the great divide
between the black and white
between the left and the right hand side
between the wrong and right

it stood, i think, for human belief
that was either happy or sad
that was either anxiety or sheer relief
that was either pure good or bad

it meant, i think, to divide the mind
between the dumb and smart
between wat u know, and wat u had to find
between logic and pure art

it felt, i think, like the human heart
either pure love or mere hate
either the urge to bond or stay apart
either relying on or rewriting fate

and i saw you, standing on that wall
not giving up without a fight
because u knew u werent really prepared
to side with either black or white

i knew u were looking for the mean road
that suited both the ways
and leading to the utopian abode
that wud be gray, till the end of days.

Disappointments galore

Luks like everything this week is onli disappointing….First England crash out of the WC quarters to penalty shootouts (with almost every major Englishman missing the net) and then Brazil lose in style to France (wihtout even scoring a goal). True, I was rooting for Germany and tht neither of these teams were my favourites, but to see 2 very strong sides lose to sumthn tht was known as their strength in a year they were both strong contenders to win makes me wonder if I was wrong to follow such a game at all.

And the rains hv been equally disappointing. I mean, raining on a Sunday made sense, but heavy rains on Monday morning was just wrong timing. Thankfully, I dint even venture out, but the city slackened its pace it is so well known for, my teacher actually taught (even tho her audience was 50 students in a combined class of 110). Technically, I onli missed 3 adjustments in cash flow statements, but we were planning a muvie today, n the rain so magnificently ruined my plan. Nonetheless, I rented out a muvie (read: Fanaa cannot b classified in tht category after I saw it), and I regreted the decision halfway into it. So a disappointing attempt at movie watching.

And somehow, my mood has been as gloomy as the weather. I’ve been behaving odd wid my pals, my mood seems off most of da time n even my sense of humour luks diluted. So a disappointing mood to b in as well…

Takin it on frm thr…my favourites Germany crashed out, we had no more rains (ya nw I m complaining for no rains) n today we had this series of blasts ripping accross de city. I mean honestly these nutcracks are so jobless and so unconstructive…they totally disrupted traffic frm 6 in de evening and even nw at 12 as I type, thr r sum of pals who havent been contactable, sum stranded in buses, and sum doing the safest thing n bunking at a nearby frnds place. And even in this situation, de onli thing tht is nt disappointing is de spirit of de city. Ppl r rushin to railway stations affected wid food and water for ppl stranded and voluntarily taking de injured to hospitals. De dissapointing bit…de police reached every site after abt 2 hrs; n they dint even help much-they asked fellow citizens to help clear de debris. N to top it all, thrs a new enquiry on this serial blast. I mean cum on, is our govt so out of cases tht they can device so many cases, and solve thm at will. Or is it tht they r tryin to make a point? Wateva their pt…we dnt seem to get it; not yet at least.

And for sum final messages frm a gloomy blogger.

I’ll sign off with a few things to say to sum ppl (if they happen 2 read this…). Lissen to these lines n c if u can make sense of it

I dont know what to do
now that the world is crashing on me
I have the noisy silence to fall back to
or I could just set the silence free.

Dnt get me wrong buddy…mebe silence speaks a lot more for me. Ciao 😉

My Creations – Part II

I had no specific reason to carry on wid my poeting ventures…but I just had to write this one down.
I am not the kinda person who takes out an hour a day to write a poem; my poems are more often random thoughts that I accumulate and give shape to. And generally I have a habit of writing in my more pensive moods, when I more than a little annoyed and when I dont want to tick ne1 else off.
This particular poem came during one of my happier moods in a very unusual place-The Local trains. U’d think an hour of journeying in an over packed train is enough to bug ne1, but I found a lot of inspiration from the crowds for this one. Its called Colorblind.

Life is so full of colors
Each different and distinct to see.
If I were to describe each color with a verse
This is how my verses would be.

Dissapointment has a color; the color of black
it makes you realise what you lack.
Its the color of the night, when the sun is gone
but still it could give you the strength to move on.

Fervour has a color; the deep-sea blue
its the energy in the ocean, in the drops of dew.
It keeps you rushing and raring to go
it gives you motivation when life looks low.

Happiness has a color; a bright yellow
tis the color of a joker, who’s a jovial fellow.
When you feel low, it makes you feel better
and a happy guy can always become a go-getter.

Friendship has a color; a lively orange
talking of the people with whom you’ve shared a bench
the people with whom you share your secrets
the feeling that leaves you with no regrets.

Love has a color; the color red
a feeling that is conveyed even when no words are said.
Its the color of togetherness, the color of ‘we’
a shade you get when you merge two colors of ‘me’.

Jealousy has color; a bright green
the feeling you get when you want to be mean.
Its a feeling that ignites a fire in you
its meant to burn your foes, but it ends up burning you.

Gloom has a color; of chocolate brown
it represents those days when you just feel down.
Characterised by a sad look and a distant gaze,
its just a point in time, a passing phase.

So life is a canvas, and you are an easel
So paint your life, and prove yourself able.
And When u you lose those colors in life and its grind
Thats when you become Colorblind.

Even before u ask, yes it is named after a song by Darius; but as u might hv noticed thts all I took frm da song. I decided to include one of my favourite lines in da poem (spot it urself), and also ordered it in a wierd way. I started wid Black, onli cuz its my fav color. I put red midway onli cuz u cant fall in luv the first or da last thing in life. N I put in gloom onli cuz chocolate brown is a wonderful color…no other reason actually.
Comments on different colors and feelings r welcum…mebe I’ll add a few gud ones as well. So chao for now…

Carrying on…

Now tht sum ppl hv recovered frm da attack they got after seeing my first blog, I can safely carry on to shock u sum more.
I write poems. The first time I told sum1 tht I was told,” Those r thr 3 words u shud never use in conjunction with each other; it doesnt suit u at all”. Nonetheless, I write, n continue to irritate sum n amuse sum. I write in a monotonous tone (of da poem) and give a distinctive touch of the same emotion throughout as much as I can.
So lemme introduce u to one of my favourites…
Its called In Reminiscence

I remember, I remember
the times I spent with my friend.
We’d made promises to stay together
in this great city that has no end.

I remember the time that I first met him
and how we spent so many hours together, just me and Jim.
Those wonderful moments, I will always treasure
the happiness they gave me, I can never measure.

I remember the pranks we used to play
and the scoldings we got from teachers everyday.
I remember our small group study sessions
our secret club, and our own little missions.

I remember how we’d built a world of our own
how we’d shared with each other things we’d never known.
I remember so many little things, they meant so much to me
I never saw the world as ‘me’ again, I knew it had become ‘we’.

The days flew by and the weeks rushed on
and before I knew many years were gone.
By then, I knew, I’d grown close to Jim
if I knew anyone I could trust, it had to be him.

We’d both become very busy men, struggling for a life of our own
we had no time to laze around, not even time to mourn.
And yet, I saw, I found time for him as he had found for me
we found solutions to every problem, as difficult as it may be.

And I look back on those good ‘ol days
and breath a sigh of relief.
That we hadnt decided to part our own ways
and stuck to our common belief.

Belief that we’d be there for each other
Belief that our troubles would ease.
Belief that life isnt gonna be forever
Belief that there is no such thing as eternal peace.

My past has taught me to value a friend
even through this life that has to end.
So remember, my friend, never be in doubt
That your friend is one who walks in when all the world walks out.
Not that I mean to add a note or two to it, but I must emphasize tht this poem is inspired from my real life and ne resemblance to a living person is more than a little intentional and reference to any places and/or events are very much intended. This is nt a disclaimer that I add to make this poem readable (w.r. to the recent Da Vinci uproar), but if ne1 felt even a little bit part of the poem, I did intend to make it seem so. I wrote this one keeping a frnd in mind, and I think it achieved the purpose quite well.

Another one of my all time favourites is still untitled…merely bcoz I cudnt give the array of emotions it portrayed ne name.

My greatest fear
a drop of tear
that drop of tear gone waste.
Lying on my bed
those tears I shed
I shed out of mere haste.

My greatest must
an ounce of trust
trust in my dearest friends.
That’ll carry me along
like a sweet song
throught life’s steep curves and bends.

My deepest thought
that life is not
not as easy as it may seem.
If I had it my way
I’ll struggle come what may
to make that my fulfilled dream.

My deepest regret
watching the sun set
set on a world I havent seen.
There are people I havent known
and pain I havent borne
in a land where I’ve never been.

My greatest strain
a feeling of pain
that pain arising out of anguish.
When my dreams fade
before they are made
and I see how they totally vanish.

My greatest belief
is of total relief
Relief when all’s gone well.
When a job is done
and a battle is won
there’s nothing you need to tell.

My greatest sorrow
that I cant borrow
borrow from time’s own bank.
And I see time slip
as I take a little dip
into life’s fun-filled tank.

In this jungle so deep and dense
my words make no sense
even to my well trained ears.
As if water were gushing
my thoughts seem to be rushing
from a captivity of so many years.

Again I’d like to add sumthing here. I had written this quite a while ago, when I was obv not in one of my best moods; but this goes on to speak a lot about sum1 I knw very well. I m nt goin to name a person in particular (but I can say its nt me), but this person I speak of knws me very well too; and I cud only do justice to pen down this mystery friend. Its quite rare that I dedicate a poem to sum1, but this one is wholly goes out to my mystery frnd. (I will reveal the mystery later on, but suspense works very gud to keep the attention)

I will hv to add sum of my recent ones, sum even I am quite shocked of having finished. But I guess u will hv to wait until thn; for now I cant get the order to put them in or the time to actually type them. So till I decide to be poetic, chao…