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6 word story

This is what all the blogging101ers are upto. So obviously I have to keep up 😉

Check out the challenge here: https://bencnicholson.wordpress.com/2015/08/16/six-word-stories-fancy-a-challenge/

While many bloggers are crafting deep, thoughtful stories, what’s my 6 word story about loss you ask:

Then I chased down the airline

Chasing down the airline to hunt down lost baggage (and generally finding it after 2 days of hair-wrenching annoyance from the authorities), roaming around in a new city (sometimes even a new country) looking for clothes and utter essentials (including vegetarian food – not because that’s what was in the baggage; I always look for vegetarian food) and dealing with the confused looks of a concierge who says “Is that all you’re carrying Mam?”;

Loss has a very profound (and wallet-lightening) effect on me.