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The week in perspective

So I promised myself that I would blog at least once a week. Last week, my internet connection gave up on me, and I was forced to compose and post from my phone, and I must say the experience of blogging on the phone wasn’t half as good as Facebook Mobile. Since I have the time and the connection to post this, I’m gonna make the most of it.
If you don’t already know, I’ve spent this week pi**ed at the Admin Guys in my office. They’ve ruined and re-ruined my ancient desktop one too many times this week. But that isn’t part of this post. It’s just an afterthought.

I’ve spent most of this week figuring out how I’m gonna make time to make it to Bryan Adams in concert in February. Considering that my worklife doesn’t allow for a rockstar obsession on the side, I’m trying to reconsider my options and consider attending the concert in some other city. After all, Bryan Adams is worth flying to any city for. And this won’t be the first time I’m flying across the country to attend his concert either – back in high school I flew to a certain re-named south Indian city famous for IT parks to catch Adams playing at the concert. And I’d do almost anything to go watch him in concert again. More on that later.

I recently got a new haircut. Again. I mean it’s just a shorter version of the look I already had; but the eyeballs its been getting me all week makes me think I should get a haircut every few months just for all attention. Maybe I will do that…

I watched “Phas Gaya Re Obama”, a rather hilarious Bollywood movie themed on the recession. It follows a perfect junk bond story – a fellow finds an asset, realises its useless, and sells it to someone else; who then makes the same mistake and passes it on to someone else. The cycle continues till the last guy realises that he’s got noone to sell it to… so he drops it on the market, gets as much as he can for it. While the story itself was a rather smart one, what stood out was the stellar performances by Rajat Kapoor, and the entire supporting cast. With a shoestring budget, a finely spun story and a brilliant set of characters, the director makes sure that you wont be bored for a minute, and will spend at least a few minutes after the credits roll patting yourself on the back for a smart choice of a movie. Well done mate… Well done!

I also caught a song from “7 Khoon Maaf”. It’s called “Daarling” and is heavily inspired by a Russian song. But listening to Usha Uthup singing after so many years was fun, and she was brilliant throughout the song. It’s true that she dint need to do much – the song itself was very well composed; but the feel her voice brings to the song is a light and breezy one. I bet you’ll be swinging to the beat as you hear it on your phone. Hope the rest of the album is as good.

If you’ve been isolated from the media this week (and yet you’re reading this), you missed a few things this week – the Cabinet reshuffle, the release of “Dhobi Ghat”, the surprisingly springy numbers posted by TCS, the rise in petrol prices, the not-so-great numbers by Infosys, the handing over of the reins at Google to Larry Page, the bad numbers posted by Wipro and last, but not the least, a break in the upward trend of Onion Prices (I’ve seen so many onion and petrol jokes and status messages that they’d give Rajnikant a run for his money).

And I end this post with a thought for the week to come: Its true that one can only realise the true value of something after losing it. What’s the point in understanding the value of something you’ve lost…? So I’m trying the best as I can to hang on to some things – they’re not necessarily stuff I need; they’re stuff I just can’t do without.


Aiyer vs Admin Guys – The Office Wars

I generally start the New Year with a chirpy post (not that this one will not be chirpy), but I chose a rather off-beat yet personally (and professionally) relevant topic instead. (Okay, Bull. I just wanted to vent. There. Satisfied you annoying little conscience!!)

My workplace has  an IT policy that allows restricted use of the internet, as do most workplaces (my friends at MakeMyTrip.com and some other places are luckier, but let’s not even go there for now). So I can access Google and Yahoo and Rediff, but I can’t access Youtube or Facebook or most “fun” sites. Normally, that’s ok; I mean I am supposed to work, but it would have helped if an organisation doesn’t treat its 20-something employees like they’re teenagers. And our IT department seems to employ a bunch of people who can’t tell you how to get your damn mail account fixed but can somehow come up with more and more sites to block. (Other than responding “Please restart and try, their advice is generally squat; people in the cubicles across me know more than them. And THAT’s saying a lot – I work in an Investment Bank full of CAs and MBAs whose knowledge of the computer is limited to Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V and Alt+Ctrl+Del). Initially, I was a little curious, so I tried some known proxies, and some other known methods, but they all failed. The scoreline thus far read: Aiyer 0 – IT Guys 1.

But I dont give up that easy do I. Once in a while, I indulge, and discover other (read: nefarious) means to access some sites (read: Facebook). It works currently only for some sites (read: Facebook), but that’s more than enough for me. I also figured out a way to actually SEND mail from my Gmail account (normally that isn’t allowed, but from necessity stems pure genius 😉). The scoreline now read Aiyer 1: IT Guys 1. Suck it 😛

And then they play a New Year prank (I’d hope it was just a one day prank… some of the sites they blocked were actually business sites. It wasnt.) on me. They block every single known (and unknown) proxy. They even block most legal sites with a remotely blockable angle (Rediff, Indiatimes, hell, even some corporate websites). At first I thought it was some silly mistake. So I check, and re-check my URLs. The damn screen still reads Blocked. And then my focus shifts to the category… the one that read “Clothing”.
My instant reaction – a burst of laughter that had my whole team run to my cubicle thinking I had actually done something very very wrong (my reaction to a very very wrong action is generally extreme bouts of laughter). And then they saw the frozen screen and burst into laughter themselves.
“Clothing”. Really??! (This btw was the category for a site that was for a company in another space altogether) IT Guys they can play pranks alright. Aiyer 1 – IT Guys 2. Game on!! (Some other “odd” categories included Cooking, Food, Gardening, Jewelry and, can you believe this, Porn!!)

And you know how I beat them? By accessing Facebook, with no proxy server. From my phone. (Nyaa na na naa naah)
Aiyer 2 – IT Guys 2. Catch up suckers 😛

Elsewhere, the cook was busy adding additional value to my food by enhancing its otherwise absent calorific value by adding live insects to it. I complained, like the college kid that I was so used to being, to the head of the canteen. He gave me a non-committal shrug with a “what to do maydam”. At that point the banker in me took over (I’m proudly an investment banker, but our parent organisation is a bank, so the culture rub-off is unavoidable and I shot a rather hilarious yet critiquing mail to the head of the Admin department explaining the situation to him. I thought the scoreline would now read Aiyer 3 – Admin/IT Guys 2 and I would triumph at the end of the week. Sadly, the rather senior official replied with a “Thanks for the feedback. Will ensure pest control” and I had to do everything I could to not keep myself from falling off the chair from laughing too hard. The IT Guys dint win this one, but apparently neither had I. Aiyer 2 – IT Guys 2. In another discussion, this very official had commented “The food here is so much better than at the bank”. Sir, if a bank official found floating insects in his meal, he would’ve ensured heads rolled for it… Thank god we’re Investment bankers who spend time working (and free time blogging abt it ;))

P.S. It’s been 3 days and I can’t get my work done because of these stupid blocks. The scoreline reads Aiyer 2 – IT Guys 3. But I’m pissed now fellas. And you WONT like me when I get mad.
P.P.S. On the 4th day, I sent a mail to the IT head with a cc to every senior official in the organisation asking them if such strict vigilence is required in an Investment Bank whr employees neway have very little time to do even their work, let alone google for obscure websites about Gardening and Clothing. Response is awaited. Aiyer 2.5 – IT Guys 3. I’ll get u geeks.

More on CommonWealth and more Random

As I write this post, India is safely at the second position in the medals tally. I followed a nail-biting badminton final on twitter, and read about the hockey debacle on a news site (with no access to TV, its what people must sometimes resort to…). With Saina Nehwal the first woman to win a CWG Badminton Gold, and the hockey team receiving an 8-0 thrashing at the hands of reigning World Champions Australia, the day’s been good overall. This outing of the Games has sprung up many surprises, including our prowess in lesser-known sports like Athletics. It’s also made Indians realise (hopefully) that Cricket isn’t the only sport to follow – Shooting, Boxing, Wrestling and now, Badminton are other very entertaining options. (Sigh) But we’ll always be a cricket-loving, “Sachin-is-God” swearing bunch of people.

Since we’re at it, I made a note about Saina Nehwal last night. I was browsing through my TV (which I rarely get the time to do), and I came across an advertisement for a brand of edible oil that used the shuttler as their Brand Ambassador. The concept and execution was spot on, but COME ON! sports people promoting the use of an edible oil brand has got to be the heights of desperation. I know that, other than cricketers, all other sports people have a tough time (Olympic Boxer Vijender Singh endorses a chocolate); but edible oil is just below the belt. Point Made. Next.

I travel a lot by Mumbai’s local trains. A lot. Like 4 hours a day. So I end up noticing mundane things while passing time in the train. Like the handle at the window seat. The utility of that accessory beats me. It’s not like the crowd inside will push you out (through the grills that too!) and that HANDLE will save you. It’s also not as if, in the event of a fierce battle for the window seat (and they happen quite often), that defenseless piece of metal and wood would be the last thing standing between you and seatlessness (and loss of pride too). It isn’t like our trains fly so fast that you need to hold on. In a scenario where at least a half dozen people die in a day for want of space IN the train, a handle at the window is plain dumb. It’s not like the handle will hold 6 people, but hey I’m making a point here. (Sigh) If only the stupid who designed the compartment would actually ride in it, he’d know how little utility that handle has…

I LUVV Mumbai

Yeah Yeah… the title of the post will most probably elicit sneers and comments from my out-of-Mumbai friends, but what the hell… I LUV the city and I’m proud to admit it. And I thought I may as well take the conversation I’ve had with my friend to a whole new level. 😉

Many will argue that this city is a land of No. No place. No greenery. No good roads. blah blah blah. N then they will say it is a land of Too much. Too many ppl. Too much money. Too much tension. Too much speed. Too much of a cost of living index. Too much to do, and no time to do it. And I will not defend it… most of it is probably true. But, I will say this – u can onli truly luv a city if u luv everything about it – both good and bad.

My friends from Delhi will now pounce on me, and tell me about the bad traffic scene in Mumbai. Well, at least this city has traffic sense, where ppl stay in a LANE (temme whr in Delhi ppl actually drive in lanes). Yeah, the traffic is bad, but if the company is good, it dont make a difference where u r does it. And besides, almost all metros have almost the same traffic issues when it comes to peak hours, so maybe the problem isnt the city, but the type of the city it is i.e. Metro. And besides, I luv being stuck in traffic… the sights around me are generally fun enuf to make up for it. Just yesterday, I saw a large sign hanging outside the Pizzeria turning (Churchgate) that said “Anand is Chess Master. Let him teach our politicians some right moves”. Where else wud u find such cheeky quotes…??!

My pals from Bangalore will be chill maadi-ing in the cool zone of Bangalore, and gaoding me to make the move to the much cooler city. Sure, I’d make the move, but then I’m told it takes almost 2 hours to go from almost anywhere to anywhere in the city, so I think I’d pass up the good weather for the reliable local trains, where the open windows bring about a good weather of their own.

Another friends tells me Mumbai is too crowded, and that the crowd saps the energy outta him. But most ppl in the city probably feel otherwise. If ne1 has ever travelled in a ladies compartment at office hours, u will most definitely have borne witness to the numerous fights that ppl have standing at the doorside, both at 9 am, when ppl are supposed to be gearing up for work, and at 6 pm, when ppl head home tired from work. My theory is that the crowd brings that energy out, but then again, its a theory.

I remember a time when I myself thought this city is worth onli to work in, and that living in another city makes good sense. But then I realised, once a Mumbaikar, always a Mumbaikar. Mumbaikars crave for the familiar sights and sounds of their city everywhere… they crave for the noise of the local trains while travelling in the Delhi Metro; they look around for a wada-pav where other ppl flock to a McDonalds; they are more than happy to wait in traffic, while other ppl cringe all around them. But most of all, they love to be in Mumbai, a city they can lovingly call Bombay, a city where the Marine Drive is a pleasure even when its crowded, a city where golas on the beach is a perfectly sane idea of an evening well-spent, a city where piping hot wada pavs can make ur day, a city where the 8:10 local is what ur morning schedule revolves around, a city where people are willing to give way to one another… a city they can call home.

P.S. I was just getting really irritated at work, and so I thought I would write something down. Feel free to ignore this if u wish, and comment if u wish.

Back to office…

It has been a relatively quiet life for me the last few days… no noise around me, a soothing air conditioned environment, the soft tapping of keyboards, the soft beeping of printing machines… the office is back in my life..!!

Monday the 12th began quite serenely – a quick meeting with the HR, and I was ready to meet my bosses and my team. Enter my boss and VP, M&A. My team is an all-girl team, and seems to be doing utterly well. Having just concluded a high-ticket deal, the team was more than willing to include a lowly, rather rusty me in their midst. My Manager and immediate senior explains the ropes to me, and then introduces me to the rest of the team. And, just as simple as that, my day ended. I had little work to do in the day, and to top it all, I got a ride all the way back home, so I ended the day a content little kid joinee. 🙂

Day 2 was just the same, only with some work thrown in. Day 3 was Ambedkar Jayanti. 🙂 Day 4 was light, with me heading back home a little early to take care of affairs at home. And Day 5, i.e. today… well, u can imagine how its going. 😉

More on office and office life later…

Trimester 4 – almost there…

A whole semester is almost thru and yet again, we’re in the same shape as we were before the exams – lost, confused, and agitated. Lost, with no syllabus. Confused, with no one to tell us what NOT to study. And agitated, that the above two can happen to us AGAIN!!

One Trim down, I’m a lot happier with my subjects than I expected. SAPM stands out as a topic that I learnt enough from. SCF remains as one that reinforced a lot of what I knew. IBFS, I dont get. MR, I really dont care. And DM, I do care, but haven’t learnt nething new in. Overall, a decent pick.

This trimester also brings with it a finality of sorts. One that my future will almost be sealed soon; that this is my last chance to give fate a fight. And, by the looks of it, fate’s cheaing already. With a messed up time table, negative marking, crappy syllabi, and barely ne time to spare, the exams are almost around the corner, and I’m wondering HOW to finish all of it.

‘Nuf said. I’m gonna get back to some studies to fight. And get some coffee to fight off the sleep that’s catching up with me.

Wishlist – Part 1

I’m about a few hours from wrapping up my operations in Mumbai and heading out for Pune, to do my summer internship project with a leading auto manufacturer there. Yet all I can think of is blogging 🙂

So I came up with a wish list.

1. Time TIVO
I sometimes wish I had the ability to time travel. I wouldnt necessarily go back in time and make some changes to my life… or travel forward and act in a more apt path. I’d relive the moments that I really want to have relived – the proud look on my dad’s face as he dropped me off at B-School, the shocked look on my roomie’s face when she discovered what I was really about (hehe…), the first time I met a lot of ppl on campus (no names here…), the all-niters with Tapu and the Guitar, Agra, Jaipur, McLeodganj, Chakravyuh, SP Jain… u get the drift. I’d erase those moments I never want to have lived – 1st night of PDP, a losing a dear friend to the Mumbai Attacks, watching some ghory images on TV. I would never hope to play God… not that I really believe in the whole concept, but I think it’s pure headache if u try changing something in time. I’d rather… edit it for my own viewing purposes – not change time itself, just archive it a lot smarter. I’d remember the ppl I want to remember, and just “tape over” the bits that I never particularly liked. In short, I’d like a Time TIVO.

2. Omniscience (actually even 2 places works well with me…)
For more than one reason I think it makes absolute sense to be in 2 places at once – Tennis with yourself, “personalised” communication, NEVER missing an important moment in life. But why I REALLY want to do is to give my dual personality (which many of u wud be aware with) a chance to flourish… to be able to live a wild life full of uncertainty and enjoy the fun that it entails on one hand, and have a sane stable life on the other.
Besides it never hurt ne1 to know what the prof in the other room is planning in the exam hall. And it would be LOVELY to play pranks on ppl too… 😉

3. Superman for a day (Superwoman actually… but I’m enhancing the brand value here…)
This is just to fly around with no harnesses n all. Minus the underwear outside pls… my fashion sense IS a little better than that.
Plus, I can do some good work in my free time as well. 😀

4. Meet an Alien
Many ppl I kno call me an Alien (read Tapu and DVD…) So just out of curiosity I wanna meet the real set of green little guys and run a little comparitive analysis. I’d also say Hi to ET. And Jaadu. And probably be joined in my quest by my good friend Raj.

5. Learn to Hack.
Not to become a white hat or nething… tht’s just pure sad – knowing to hack n NOT hacking. 
I wanna learn to hack to become Robin Hood of the Internet world – Steal from the foolish and distribute to the smarties. I’d end up stealing LOADS from poor Tammy, but end up giving so much to her boyfriend that it’d even out there. But I dont think the same can be said of some other ppl…

Some More Blogging

This new trimester hasn’t started off too well, and therefore obviously, I shall not elaborate on ne academic dimensions of this trimester.
Wat I will however, tell u about, is the more interesting aspect – the subjects and the profs. I remember doing this in my Undergrad year as well, and this time on a blog I will be far more candid and careful.

8 subjects this trimester to be analysed.
1. BizComm – A continuation to the subject of the same name in Trim II. Nothing to say last trimester, and nothing to add in this one. The prof, Arun Pandey, saves the day tho… He makes a good load of sense in class. Pity we onli have him once a week.

2. Biz Environment – An interesting subject on the face of it. I have my doubts on how much we’re gonna remember frm it tho… The prof deserves a mention here – Mr. Subhajit Bhattacharya has a truckload of knowledge, and he sure knows how to teach us. He can keep the class enagaged in civil conversation, and yet teach at the same time.

3. Ops Management – Again in continuation with the last semester. I dint make much of it last sem, and I sure hope I do sumthin wid it this sem. The prof V.K. Gupta seems a world of an improvement over the prof frm last sem (No names here…). In short, a subject that I hope to pay attention to.

4. International Biz – GLOBAL. Literally. The subject has very little substance, at least the way our Prof has presented it to us. The prof has an interesting knowledge base – she can spell Totoya, thinks Lenova is a leading brand in the USA and that Addidas makes good products. At this rate, I will join Hoogle, which is a leading competitor of Microfost, and create Wendows.

5. HRM – A subject that I have detested all thru my grad years. And that I continue to make no sense watsoever of. The prof, a well decorated veteran of another leading Management Institute, spends so much time gabbing about himself and his name on the roll of honours that I can’t say I know ne more of the subject than I did before joining my own BMS Course.

6. Strategic Management – Global. An interesting subject if handled well, since it means a lot of brainwork. It means reading into a lot of situations and making smart decisions in time… but it also means a load of tosh in the answer booklets. The prof… ahem… has a good deal of knowledge and even makes sense at some points in time; but I am yet to meet an educated person more stubborn and stiff as him (me excluded of course…) He cannot accept a viewpoint, and ne arguments made against him end up pinned to the wall. Yes, he’s elderly and learned and all, but some day the poor guy could just get beat up on his way to work…. and we wouldn’t know wat happened to him.

7. Biz Ethics – A very global subject, but also one that I am looking forward to. A very necessary subject for us as humans, and as managers. I can’t comment much on the prof other than the fact that at a first glance, he’ll be someone from whom a lot can be gained.

8. Fin Management – My fav subject of the term, it being the one subject that I specialised in. I Luvvvvvv the concepts in this paper, since they would carry on into my work life as well, and more so because I’m good at em :D. The prof Mr. Tripathi seems a good guy, albeit one who launches into sentences of pure Hindi a decent number of times during the lecture. He seems to have a good grip on the topic, but his style of teaching is one that engineers would probably appreciate more than I would.

This trimester seems like one in which I will need a lot more than 24 hours, since I’m gonna be off on all the sports fests and so will be utterly time deprived. I do hope it goes better than the last one – the results that are out are pretty much in the Danger Zone and the ones that aren’t out speak in Careless Whispers about how Oops! I did it again. This trimester is also the one in which I will probably do lots of trips to some areas around Delhi, since it’s the best weather to venture out in.

Until further news, Adios!

A New Year – not a new Blog

Hola ppl… welcome to a new year – a year with its own set of joys (and griefs), own friends but the same old blog. Not that many ppl visit this blog – Nonetheless it’s not gonna change unless the Apocalpse strikes – and even then I doubt that I will be too busy changing the face of my blog in the face of impending doom.

For those of u who use this blog to stay updated with my life, here’s a round of updates.
My end terms ended on Xmas Eve, and I shuttled off home to Mumbai to spend Xmas and New Year’s. Nothing spectacular occured over this tenure… I found the time to meet most of my friends (Sorry to u Payal, Urvi, Suns, Tanu, DJ and the rest of the gang…) and caught up wid my family as well.  I was stranded on Mumbai Aiport on New Year’s owing to fog in Delhi Airport, but I arrived cold and freezing back on campus on the evening of 1st January 2009.
Notice that the end terms were mentioned in a blur – that’s cuz that’s where they really belong. Our placement week commenced on the 5th on the month, and will carry on till the 12th or so – a week in which our college’s entire establishment is put to the test and the students prove their mettle in the corporate world. There isnt much that I can publicly comment about this week – but I can assure u that it is fun for those who are working for it, and more fun for those who arent.

Campus life hasnt changed much in the last week or so.
My friend AP leaves for France for a whole semester. So here’s wishing the fellow a good time in France.
My best friend has landed in the hospital – AGAIN. So here’s wishing him a speedy recovery – AGAIN.
Will has immersed himself in his work. So here’s wishing him good time at work.
Sonam hasnt joined office yet. So here’s hoping that she does.
Rajeev is still at odds with his newly found girlfriend. Here’s hoping some sense flows his way.
Tammy is still confused about what she wants to do with life. Here’s hoping she answers the Million Dollar question.
And I am still blogging at 7 in the morning. Here’s hoping that I find some shut eye.

Till further news… Merry Xmas, Happy New Year, Good Morning and Good Night.

IMT Life

True to my style, the onli way I could have posted this first post was in the middle of class. Not that I have any apathy for rules – I merely get a kick out of breaking some of them.. 😉

Today, Monday the 8th, is officially one week before my End sems are due to begin. Yet, we’ve neither completed the course in any subject, nor completed project submissions in many subjects, nor do we have a clue about the syllabi in most courses. I have personally spent a good part of the last 5 days in completing projects for submission, and have still not completed one particularly bugging Marketing Project. My friends, Shrek, Shruti and Doc have tried to handle another particularly boring subject namely Operations Management. Another set of my friends, Pogu and Kapi were up all nite working on a data heavy BRM project, while Monu ran home to catch up on some sleep. As I type, Soni wraps up his CFA level 1 exam, readying himself for his first break in many weeks. AP and Kaj have been up for a good part of last nite tying up loose ends of their own projects, and were good company to me for the midnight snack at 4 AM.

Life here on campus, typically, is nocturnal. The 8 30 lec is a NIGHTMARE – with a major chunk of the junta in their pjs, and in sleep. The next 2 lecs generally go by in a blur, primarily because we’re just awaking. Lunch time consists primarily of waiting in queue at the mess, grabbing some averagely cooked food, and gobbling it before rushing to class at 2 15. The 2 15 class has its own disadvantage – we are sooo sleepy in this lecture, that it would take Harry Potter to keep us awake (as Tambe has rightly proven on multiple occasions..;))Post this set of the day’s lectures, we ready for our sleep sessions, or group  meetings for various projects, as the case and mood may be. Snap to 8 pm when we awake from our siesta. We spend a half hour waking up, showering, waking each other up, and deciding when to land up for dinner. We agree for dinner at arnd 9 pm, and spend another few minutes in line at the mess, and a half hour catching up on each other’s days. We then continue to spend another half hour or so walking around the campus, chilling, chatting, brooding, or just whiling away boredom.
Our routine snaps into place at 10 pm, when we resume working – on projects, committees and studies. Ppl are seen running to the library to cram for a quiz the next day. Ppl are seen travelling with their laptops from one lobby to another, to complete a project due for submission. The DLP, our in-house all nite canteen, throbs with ppl catching up on some food amidst project submissions. We spend a large part of our time on Google, merely collecting information, and Microsoft Power Point and Microsoft Word, collating such information. Snap to 12 am, when we regularly celebrate batchmates birthdays outside J Lobby – the onli open space available near the dorm blocks. We return, generally well fed, and get back to working on our projects. Generally, around this time, we’ve realised that its past 12, and that we need to work FAST if we need to grab ne sleep before the class next morning. So, post 12 am, we have a much more efficient way of working – with ppl generally googling faster, thinking harder and typing much faster. Another break is due around 3 am, by when one bunch of batchmates turn in for the night after finishing their projects, and we run into the second half at the DLP over Maggi, Paratha, and Juice. All work we do post 3 am, is completely and utterly on account of panic, since we shud have ordinarily finished with this work by that time. 1 out of 5 members in a grp is generally in a verry sleepy state and needs some shut eye is he is to continue ne work. The other 4 now enter mega panic mode, and try to finish as much of the work as they can in an hour or so. An hour or so later, the 5th member awakes to realise there’s very little work to do, and dutifully finishes the work by 4:30 or so, and lets us all rest. One or two of us are still up, trying to finish the formatting of the report, the format of the presentation, or readying the notes for the presentation. We finally hit the bed at around 5 30 am, tired and cold.
Snap to 8 10 am, when we are dutifully woken up by our faithful roomies, or batchmates who are already up. We have just enough time to freshen up, change and run to the mess for breakfast. We enter the mess at 8 27, grab a piece of bread or a fruit or a paratha, and exit the mess at 8 28 to run to class. We make it to class by 8 30 am, and catch up on breakfast in class. Now, well fed, we settle for another round of sleep.

Strange how this very blog, in the 10 15 lecture, has gone by relatively uninterrupted. I haven’t been caught dozing, which is what I generally do throughout the lectures. I haven’t even been chatting, since no1 is really up at this time of the day. Nonetheless, this blog outlines a typical day in the life of a student in my B-School.

Until further updates.. ciao.