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Teaser Music Review – Tees Maar Khan

I’ve had very little time to completely review the album (holiday and travel have kept me busy). As a precursor to a fully fledged post (hopefully), I’m posting this teaser.
My first thoughts on the album – Experimental and Depending heavily on the screenplay. I never thought the day would come when I would doubt Vishal and Shekhar, but this album raises doubts about the ability to compose music while being actively involved in reality shows (then again, they did compose Anjaana Anjaani and Break ke Baad).
The artists range from Reality show participants to Reality show hosts (Sonu Nigam). Some songs appear (note: appear) to have a semblance of musical sweetness in them, but it’ll take more than a listen or 2 on my phone to reach that conclusion.

My take. Hold off buying this album. But dont write off Vishal and Shekhar yet.


10 songs I was busy listening to this week

I spent a large part of the last week listening to a lot of music, courtesy my 3 hour journey time in Mumbai’s local trains. While some of it was stuff that I had heard for a long time and was pre-loaded on my phone, there were some new additions courtesy the radio. I spent a lot of time talking to my friends and posting status updates on em, so a friend suggested I may as well blog about em. So here’s a list of 10 songs that I got addicted to last week, and that a lot of my friends agree are definitely worth a hear. They’re in no particular order, other than that in which I chose to write them 😉

1. Hairat – Anjaana Anjaani OST
Vishal-Shekhar have racked up a home run on this album, and Lucky Ali’s rockstar vocals in this song are proof of that. The duo to justice to rock, keeping the music laced with heavy guitaring and drums, and take us back to when we were head-banging. And Lucky Ali rises to the occasion quite superbly. Dare you to NOT air-guitar or air-drum while u listen to this one…

2. Gal Mitthi Mitthi – Aisha OST
Normally, I dont like Punjabi music. But I’ll make an exception when Tochi Raina belts out this superbly peppy number. Awesome beats, a controlled voice, and foot-tapping rhythm. Its impossible not to react to the beats in this song, even when you’re quite uncomfortably seated in the fourth seat. For those who dint know, this album has been composed by the same guy who composed for the score of Dev D. So, rest assured, the music shall not disappoint you.

3. Aas Paas Khuda (Unplugged) – Anjaana Anjaani OST
Its unusual nowadays to release an album without a song by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan or Mohit Chauhan. Its simply because these 2 guys havent disappointed us yet, and now’s no time to start. Rahat shines in this song, the unplugged version of this song brings out his vocal brilliance even more. Shruti Pathak doesnt disappoint either… she keeps pace with the musical wonder that Rahat is. Kudos to Vishal and Shekhar for this one.

4. Anjaana Anjaani – Anjaana Anjaani OST
Yeah yeah… by now you’re thinking I’m way too hung up on this album. You’re right!! And this song is truly mt favourite on this album – for its sheer simplicity. For those who dint know, Vishal and Shekhar composed TWO title tracks for this album, and this is the one that hasn’t been publicised yet. Cant think of y not… Vishal moves away from his rockstar image and mesmerises us with his soft vocals. Shipla Rao makes an appearance in this song as well; and she does not disappoint us at all.

5. Suno Aisha – Aisha OST
The other song on that album that I’ve been completely bowled over by. Good beats, great rendering and, since I havent seen the movie, one that makes u wonder how it would look on the screen. It’s not particularly a brilliant song… but it’ll keep u entertained for sure.

6. Pehla Nasha – Jo Jeeta Woh Sikander OST
This one’s courtesy Radio City’s “Mumbai ka ultimate gaana” contest. Everyone I know has fallen in love with this song from the first time they heard it. I did too. For those that are looking for a slight twist to the original, look our for Bally Sagoo’s remix, spiced with some English lyrics and some more beats.

7. Hey Ya (unplugged)
This one’s from the Soundtrack of the TV series Scrubs. Televised when the Janitor was getting married, this song is an acoustic rendition of a hip-hop song. What I like most about this song is the fact that, while it sounded really good in the hip-hop version, the acoustic rendition brings a soulful feel to the song. Makes you think fondly about a certain somebody…

8. Weary Kind – Crazy Heart OST
This is one of em Oscar nominated movies that I watched a long time ago. And this song never left my mind ever since. A wonderful song, with very meaningful lyrics. For those who enjoy the guitar, this song’s quite a treat. And for those who dont, listen to the vocals and find some solace in some poor drunk guy’s repentance.

9. Bin Tere (Reprise) – I Hate Luv Storys
Another Vishal-Shekar dole-out. Apparently Shekhar was a music show reject, and I thank them guys for letting him take up composing music as a career. Not that he doesnt sing well…his voice has a raw yet trained feel to it that I havent heard in a very long time. And this song brings out the emotion that the plugged version dont. I wonder if I shud dig up more of these guys albums to look for some more surprises..

10. Des Mera (rock version)- Peepli Live
Indian Ocean renders a SUPERB one here. This album comes with two versions of the song and, while the other one has a rather rustic feel to it, the rock version makes u remember why Indian Ocean are such a brilliant band. They retain a lot of the instruments from the other version, but bring in Susmit on his guitar, and you have a track that’ll stay on ur mind longer than its playtime.
You’ll notice this list has a lot of Hindi songs on it… Apologies to my dear friends who were looking for some good rock. I’ll hopefully make it up to u next time. Or maybe next time it’ll be TV series. Or movies. hmm.

More till then.