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I’ve recently found other ways to amuse myself (I say other because – hey life amuses every single day!) and one of them includes my now-out-of-production Kindle. For the uninitiated, this is a way to read books WITHOUT a real book in your hand – no fear of getting the pages wet from when you sneeze on it (cuz big girls don’t cry), no danger of getting yelled at for dog earing pages (cuz how else am I supposed to remember my favourite pages? bookmarks?) and no chance at all of holding the book so tight while reading it that it will literally not close any more.

My goal last year was to read a book a week (that’s 52 books y’all). And I killed it. So this year, I planned to read more. Not a whole lot more – just 60 books. And as I started reading I realised that

a. 60 books is just too easy. I underaimed. I’m sure I’ll probably end the year at close to 75 books. And;

b. I gotta find a way to share my thoughts with y’ll readers. Maybe inspire a few of you to read more.

Since I’m about 35-37 books down this year, now is probably a good time to leave short reviews for ’em before I go knee deep into more books and forget about these ones. Some books I’ve read recently haven’t actually been released yet and I discovered a website NetGalley that invites professional readers to read books and provide feedback in advance of their release – check it out if you can make the time to actually give feedback to authors/publishers. Most others are available on Amazon/Google and I’ll try to include links; goodreads provides free previews of most books as well, so head on to their website for a teaser of the book if you like how it sounds/looks.

Happy reading!


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