Busy Busy Busy

The last couple of months have been super busy for me. As you know, I have a job. Ergo, I must work in the office. The office has only suddenly realised that I work there full-time (or so it seems), so they seem to be going all out to make me work full time. So I haven’t found any secret time at the office to write – or let me put it this way; the kind of stuff I write at the office would not can not go on my blog.

Socially, I’ve been super active.
I was instrumental in ensuring that an evil corporation (whose name does not rhyme with The Notebook) was unable to sink its deep claws into our proud nation with its Basically Free version of the internet. The internet-savvy Indians (that’s like 0.001% of our nation) went nuts about the violation of our right to access all websites freely, irrespective of who provided the internet connection to us and did all we could to block this monster. We succeeded, and now the 99.999% of the country that could have accessed the internet (or some parts of it) will no longer be able to. Take that!
It was also saddening that 2 heroes of my childhood will no longer be around. David Bowie and Alan Rickman, both of whom contributed to making my childhood so much cooler, took a permanent leave of absence from this plane of existence. I was barely getting over the fact that Ziggy Stardust (whose latest album dropped 2 days before his untimely exit) would no longer be around to gawk at that Professor Snape decided to join him in the big showland. Twitter and Facebook and all the other social media were filled with #RIPZiggy and #Always references that mere mortals or Muggles could never appreciate. After a week in mourning (and changing my phone’s ringtone to Space Oddity and editing my message tone to Silence!), I realised that I must now shop to get over my grief (because, hello, that’s how its done). I bought Bowie’s new album and went shopping all over for a gown just like Snape’s (which I still haven’t found – the number of burqas I had to turn down from over-eager shop owners is not even funny).
I was also busy cruising the websites to find all references to Leo not winning an Oscar and making new memes about it. I made it my life’s effort to make memes highlighting the unfairness of the Oscar in never awarding our most favourite deserving actor this highest office in the Hollywood world. Never mind that the super deserving cast of Straight Outta Compton and Idris Elba got a snub as well – this year was all about Leo (and the bear. A little). So when he finally did win the Oscar, I spent a good 2 days clearing my phone’s memory of those half a dozen memes that I created just in case he didn’t win. And also leaving a one-word comment on my newsfeed – Finally.

Now that the awards season is done and the financial year is nearly done (in that order), I have some time to breath, and blog (in that order). I’m super stoked to have a lot more to write about and cannot wait to get it all out. Happy March everyone!


7 thoughts on “Busy Busy Busy”

  1. I really enjoyed reading this. It’s good to see that, despite being busy with your work, you are still finding time for a social life.
    Ah, Alan Rickman. I have finally come to terms with his passing but it still hurts every time that he is not with us any more.

    1. My (barely functioning) social life thanks you for the warm comment. And I just noticed that you blogged on being Busy Busy Busy just a few months ago too… So I get that you probably appreciate it too…
      As for Alan Rickman… I don’t think I can ever watch Die Hard or Harry Potter the same way ever again… Living with his absence is now a part of my (barely functioning) entertainment life.

  2. I does sound like you’ve been busy. I thank you on behalf of all fellow Netizens, to have helped restore net-sanity in our country. And yes, thank you for returning to the blogosphere. I had been wondering…

  3. And it’s “It does sound…” I think my brain is on strike. I’ve just uploaded the Indian Wedding Special issue of the QSM Magazine, so my dear old brain is within its rights when it decides to switch off…more when it returns to work.

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