About me

I’m a 20-something finance professional with a penchant for music and writing (in that order). There – that’s the easiest way to describe me; it’s not the only way but it’s certainly the easiest. I’m also a traveller, a reader and an avid movie-goer; a literary amateur, a music lover. I’m many things to many people, to myself I’m an arbit human.

I’ve never dedicated time (and by that I mean set aside time) specifically to the blog, in part because I wasn’t sure anyone was reading it – it wasn’t like I wasn’t writing, it’s just that I didn’t bother publishing. Only recently, I realised that the chicken-and-egg story applied here too – what if I didn’t have enough followers BECAUSE I didn’t write often?

So I’m remedying that now, with a goal to blog more often and bring a little more focus to my writing. What I hope to accomplish is quite simple – to find a way to streamline the fairly random thoughts that form my posts and my blog into a somewhat organised mess. I don’t aim to WOW you with my suddenly acquired pieces of knowledge, but I certainly hope there is some sense of order to the chaos that is my blog and would love your feedback to get me on track (or keep me on it).


3 thoughts on “About me”

    1. Real simple.
      – Write your thoughts as they flow through your head
      – Put said ‘heady’ thoughts on post-its
      – Reshuffle

  1. Hi, devilrocks. I’m out visiting Blogger’s World members, browsing blogs, and saying hello. Welcome back to a bit more writing. I’ll see you around Blogger’s World.

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