About the Blog

This is an arbit blog. What it means is that it doesn’t have one theme or isn’t dedicated to just one subject – in a way it’s like most of us (hopefully) view life. Some posts have a travelogue feel to them and others will seem a lot more introspective – worry not, that’s how they were intended.

This blog (as are many in the blogoverse) is an outlet for random thoughts and on-the-fly trips – because I couldn’t possibly manage 10 blogs with different themes. So I write mostly about this and that, and you will have to live with the randomness in a post and in my blog. It shouldn’t surprise you if you see photography posts and haiku posts a few days apart – I gots to have an outlet!

Many people I know took a great deal of care in naming their website – seeing as it gave the blog a personality of sorts – so I was asked why I named my blog so. I came up with the name of the blog many lightcycles ago and I guess I sort of stuck with it. It seemed to encapsulate my vision of the blog at the time – a vision that hasn’t changed – so so I didn’t see the need to tinker with it.

I don’t claim to being an expert on any particular topic or subject. So I try as often as I can to invite other bloggers to put their arbit thoughts on paper (or email).


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